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Can I run Ubuntu?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) July 25th, 2008

I want to run Ubuntu in Boot Camp on my Mac. But can I run it without getting the free disc and just using the free download??? If so, how would I?

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You might be happier getting a copy of VMware and running Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

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That wasn’t my question!

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Boot Camp will only run Windows XP SP2 and later. It was made to run Windows and only Windows. You can run Ubuntu inside of OS X. You don’t even need to burn a CD to do it. Just download the ISO and point your VM software at it. I use VirtualBox and it took about ten minutes to get it working.

edit :: I was butchering a theme to make it more like OS X. I didn’t do a good job at that.

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Fair point. The answer to your question would be that you can do it by downloading the Ubuntu ISO and burning it to a CD, and following these instructions. Expect much fiddling and fussing.

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I think I will try both ideas but I will see which is better when my Mac is up and running again. Thanks!

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I guess you can do it.. Looks like a total pain in the ass. But it can be done.

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i vote for virtualization too, faster and easier to set up, and unless you where planning on playing games on ubuntu…

why do you need ubuntu anyway ?

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In answer to iwamoto’s question. swimmingdude never said need ;) he said he wants to, people like to try things out, I’m always reinstalling distros, you should have seen the fun I go into in the past week messing with linux. Some people just like to have a bit of difference and like to mess about :) Although swimmingdude might have his own reasons, who knows.

I hope you get it sorted swimmingdude, Linux can be fun if you don’t get frustrated at it :)

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You can download the Ubuntu ISO then burn it using your favorite ripping program.

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Ok so I can use any application such as Burn?

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hi, my name is camiel and today i’ll be guiding you through the wonderfull world that is OS X Leopard,

it seems that though some of you have been waiting eagerly to get their hands on a mac, still lack some of the basic knowledge, but that’s allright, that’s why i’m here, let’s say you want to burn an ISO or DMG, you could ofcourse use an application like burn, but why bother, when you have a powerful burning app. right there, in your own system…

let’s take a look at the Disk Utility, oh my, can you see what that’s that with the burn button ? he can burn things too, but how ? oh hey, it must be a trick, don’t be afraid, i’ll show you how to master this awesome power

can you see that line with the DMG’s under it ? that’s where we start our journey, just drag and drop a dmg or iso in it, see, it’s there in that list, now what? just press the burn button, and the rest is easy

see how we did that ? it wasn’t that hard, even better, we didn’t have to install anything, how awesome is that ? see how we learned a new trick today ? there’s more in that ol’ OS than you might think

good luck burning your very own cd’s and dvd’s

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Absolutely fantastic :)

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i still think the burn button is a bit of a bad influence for kids…i mean “hey let’s burn stuff” ? geez, apple should contain that…

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yes you can :) you can even try the livecd to see if you like it before doing anything to your system.

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You can, but it’s easiest to virtualize it. I’d rather throw it on a partition, but have only had my Mac for about a month so I haven’t found all the tweaks – although it would appear that I have a fairly thorough knowledge of the OS. I’d go with johnpowell’s suggestion of Virtualbox. Sun took over that project so now it’s a bit more robust than it was when it first came out – which was terrible, but hopeful. Ubuntu is great. It’s got all the advantages of Debian without the software being dated – although Debian/Gentoo/Suse was what I learned on. =)

Linux is the reason I switched to OS X. I was a M$ user for years – posting this from my only xp machine ‘cause linux can’t recognize my sound card =( – and found linux and found out how powerful it was and was just like… Wow. So this is how an OS runs. Did kernel builds and everything. I say go for it! I’m gonna do it next week (after I get back from camping this weekend), so if you don’t do it I’ll let you know how it went for me.

Here are some links to install guides:
Install on Partition
Install with Parallels <- Parallels is like Virtualbox, but you gotta pay for it. The install should be similar in nature though.
Turn Ubuntu’s look into OSX <- This is something I’d do, just because it would amuse me that I was using Linux, but it looked like OS X. Too bad quicksilver isn’t on Linux, but there is Launchy

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@tWrex – hah, I made Xubuntu look like OS X, it’s a funny experiment, but isn’t really usable :) (Copying Vista was easier by the way)

Wasn’t GNOME DO much like Quicksilver? It’s praised very often :)

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