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How do I change the name of my home directory?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) September 3rd, 2009

I made a small mistake while writing my home directory name…

On a MacBook Pro 10.5.7

Any suggestions?

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Each user’s home directory is typically named with his userid. Like /Users/bvdshec17. It’s an automatic part of the system. Not something you typically do explicitly.

How do you mean that you wrote your home directory name wrong? Where?

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That’s exactly it.

I wrote:
Not true, just as an example
Users / Jhon but I want to correct and write Users / John

How do I change it?
Do you know know what I mean?

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My point is that it’s named after your userid on the system.

So… you accidentally entered your userid as Jhon (example)? If yes, then go into System Preferences > Accounts and modify your user’s account name.

Then your home directory name will auto-update to reflect that change.

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Its really not meant to be changed, but there are ways to do it:

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@justn & @robmandu Thanks anyway for your help, but I reinstalled Mac OS X and everything’s fine now. I appreciate your help :)

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No problem.

Reinstalling or just making a new account with the proper short name is the easiest, most correct way to fix your problem.

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