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Is XP or Vista better for running multiple versions of IE?

Asked by damien (2399points) July 26th, 2008 from iPhone

Im wanting to get a copy of Windows to run on my Mac using VirtualBox just for IE testing. I absolutely despise Windows so won’t be using it for anything else. Which is better for that sole purpose?

Also, what’s the best way to get multiple versions of Internet explorer running? I currently use MultipleIE on vista but the computer’s buggered and needs replacing.

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I have been using MultipleIE on XP for some time now and it works great! I am looking at upgrading to a Vista PC, have you had issues with it not working well with Vista?

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Not noticed any problems with it on vista. I never know if I can trust what it’s rendered, but that’s probably just me being a sceptic.

I guess I was just wandering if there’s a better way to do it..

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According to the MultipleIE website ( MultipleIE does not work on Vista. This is disappointing since I was really considering upgrading to Vista. I just wish someone could come up with a cross OS way of testing for the big 4 browsers (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari) with a single program that didn’t involve virtual machines and restarting your computer. IETester is close but it won’t run natively on OSX. For right now the easiest OS to test with is still Windows since it can natively run IE7, Firefox, and Safari without any hassle, you just have to use IETester for IE6.

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Ahhh! I thought I might have called the program I’m using on vista the wrong name. It wasn’t until I clicked your link that it all clicked in my head! Sorry! It’s IETester that I’m using now on vista. I used to use MultipleIE at my old work.

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