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How long did it take you to get used the iPhone's keyboard?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I finally caved in and got one. The keyboard is killing me right now

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Fluther is good practice ;)
But it takes a little while alright – I still keep hitting ‘m’ instead of backspace/delete. Btw, did you know if you hold down the ‘symbol enabler’ key and slide to the symbol you’re after without releasing, it jumps right back to regular keyboard when you release? no need for space or anything. I didn’t when I first got it, but the guy who set it up in the shop showed me that.

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Still working on it.
but I have long fingernails

(I’ve had one for over a year now).

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Took me a week or so to get used to it. After a few weeks I was real good at it. Now I’ve been working on typing blinding with 75% success. Just keep at it.

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Day 1: This is a joke
Day 2: I’m sort of getting used to this joke
Day 3: This is still a joke
Day 4: Ohh… if you just trust the corrections instead of fighting them, this is pretty nice
Day 5: I could get used to this
Day 6: I’m either amazing, or this is easier than I thought
Day 7: This keyboard is such a great idea

It’s not perfect, but for not having a static keyboard? A keyboard with a .com button on it? Massive screen real estate? Worth it.

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I liked it right away. The main speed bump I encounter is when it autocorrects pet names and slang.

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About a week and now I’m pretty fast! My friends make fun of me because my thumbs move really fast when I’m using it. You’ll get the hang of it!

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One day, but I didn’t have any Blackberry-thumb habits to break.

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A few minutes.

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It took me about two days. Just abandon the idea that you’ll be faster in the landscape view because it’s bigger. The portrait view is much faster.

The secret is to trust the autocorrect and to not stop typing until you finish your paragraph or email. Only then do you go back and make corrections right before you hit send.

Hope you like the iPhone. I went to get a 3G today but was scared away by the 60 yard line.

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I’ve had an iphone since day 1 and I still suck at it

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I love it. So much better than a physical keyboard! It took me a few hours to get used to, and trust, the auto-correction. Now I’m far faster and more accurate than I ever would be with a chicklet keyboard. Plus, it’s context sensitive! Awesome.

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I really like the keyboard as well. I started with the pointer finger method and have graduated to the “double thumb.”. For the most part I like auto-correct, but there are a few words that it “corrects” for me that I wish it didn’t. The first is more of a user issue than auto-correct itself. That word is “are” which ends up being “ate” half the time. You can imagine the innuedo this can lead to. The other word is “yo” which ends up being “to” or “you.”. Minor complaints for something I love the implementation of.

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about 10 minutes… give or take.

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The auto-correct feature is a pain for languages other than English. If I’m sending an email or txt to someone in Faroese or Danish, I have to avoid the auto-correct for every second word…...very time consuming!

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about 15 seconds. It’s not that hard

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I was used to having physical minikeys to press on my Sidekick II, so it was a big adjustment for me. What helped me a lot was that shortly after getting my iPhone I discovered fluther, and typing on fluther is what improved my speed. I’d say after a couple of weeks, I was good.

Try this for fun

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Something like 2 seconds :D

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@ Mirza ~ now that I’m used to the iPhone’s keyboard, sometimes I actually expect autocorrection/autopunctuation when im using a normal keyboard. Kinda funny, you know?

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It only really just took me a day. It didn’t seem so hard.

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