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Statistically speaking, are most people who identify as pro-life men or women?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 10th, 2016

Personally, I am a male who identifies as pro-choice.

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Some numbers in this image.

My sister just took me to CostCo for a big grocery run the other day since I don’t drive. On the way back we were talking about how she somehow got the states attorney general to issue a arrest warrant for her ex-husband that has failed to pay child support for the last three years. He makes over 100K a year but can’t cough up 1500 a month for his twin daughters he has refused to see for years.

So yeah.. I don’t think men have any say in this since most will bail when the actual fathering comes into play.

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All the males I know are pro-choice. I think it has more to do with religious belief than gender. Most religious people are opposed to abortion, many regardless of circumstance.

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I have to agree with @Coloma I think it’s more a religious belief than a gender type thing.

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I’m pro-choice up to a point. I’m pro-life on the late-term stuff with the usual exceptions for problematic pregnancies. I am an average thirty something non-religious white guy living in the south.

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In the US, the majority are women

Here are the demographics of the pro-life movement in the U.S, with statistical analysis. There have been various studies at various times. Like all movements, the demographic may change with time.

Year of Study: *Granberg, 1981
98% White (93% activist)
63% Female
58% college degree
70% Catholic

*Granberg concluded that conservative personal morality was the primary mechanism for explaining an individual’s involvement in the pro-life movement.

Year of Study: Maxwell, 2002.
99% White
60% Female
51% college degree
29% Catholic

Year of Study: Munson, 2008.

“More recently, sociologist Ziad Munson (2008) studied the characteristics of both activists and non-activists who considered themselves pro-life. The pro-life activists of Munson’s sample were 93% white, 57% female, 66% Catholic, and 71% had a college degree. Of non-activists who considered themselves pro-life, Munson found that 83% were white, 52% were female, 45% were Catholic, and 76% had a college degree. In Munson’s analysis personal moralities and worldviews are formed as a consequence of participation in pro-life activism.”

“Munson’s analysis differs from previous scholarly work in its assertion that beliefs result from activism rather than causing activism. For Munson, life course factors make an individual more or less likely to become an activist.”

Interestingly, I can find nothing showing comparable statistical analysis concerning the political opposition, the pro-choice movement.

I’m Pro-choice. White, male, college degree, baptized Catholic.

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Just about everyone is pro-life. The problem is people who are anti-choice.

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When looking at statistics, keep in mind that there is a significant Bradley effect at work when it comes to abortion. People tend to exaggerate how pro-life they are when answering surveys and exit polls, especially women in conservative areas. There are a lot of election results that wouldn’t make sense if female voters were really as pro-life as they claim to be. So take those statistics with a grain of salt.

@zenvelo You know what he meant.

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I don’t have stats to quote, and right now I don’t feel like consulting the oracle Google to make myself seem informed, but in my personal experiences it seems that the majority of pro-lifers are men. Of course it’s easy to be against something when you yourself will never be faced with that choice.

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If we are going to get into the abortion thing I will. I fucking hate abortions. Ideally they would never be needed unless rape, incest, mom might die.

But until we are willing to pay for support during and after the pregnancy then abortion should be a option. I am totally fine paying extra taxes if it allows potential mothers to know that we will help before and after the child is born.

And yeah.. Condoms should be taped to every beer-bottle sold.

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Among the single men I know, most are either strongly anti abortion, or laissez-faire about being pro choice. That is, until a woman gets pregnant.

@Uberwench brings up a strong point: this is a subject where many people are reluctant to state their actual views in public,

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Yes, they’re definitely one or the other.

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@Uberwench & @zenvelo I agree. I think Munson covers the Bradley/Wilder Effect as best as one can in the 2008 study by addressing pro-life activists.

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