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How to Avoid Harry Potter Spoilers?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 19th, 2007

the book has been leaked and the spoilers are all over the internet. But i want to wait till the book comes out to find out the story. SO how do i avoid the damn spoilers?

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Don't look up anything Harry Potter until you've finished it. Fortunately, I've not come across any yet.

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Lock yourself in a room with a book for the next 36 hours or until you go get the book. Don't get online, don't watch tv. If the phone rings let someone screen it before giving it to you (I had a friend who was being mean call once.. "Hello?" "Hey in the new harry potter book _______________" *click* )

Or you could just ignore the spoilers. Rowling has already said the copy of the book floating around is a hoax, so the spoilers could be just as hoaxy.

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Be very careful about the Internet and tv.
don't search or look up any harry potter, and try to avoid anything to do with the subject except reading the book.

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I'm immune to spoilers because I read the book. Suggest you do the same.

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stay off the Internet and read the book soon

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Well if you wana know, harry kills someone. haha

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Just playing. Im not a harry potter fan so I didnt read it.

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You read it yet Mirza?

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yep i finished the book in two days - however one of my friends texted me a major spoiler while i was halfway through the book

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Good good. Annoying with the text spoiler! I reckon the last one was the best in the series.

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who needs enemies with friends like that... I'm glad my evil-minded-spoiler-loving friends don't read Harry Potter.

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despite the spoiler, i loved the book and i felt that the last book did justice to the series.

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I know I am late, but… if this sort of thing ever happens to you in the future with another book, make sure to ignore the spoilers until you have finished the book. That should save you from them! That being said, I do understand how hard it can be to look away.

I am reading another series of books… A Song of Ice and Fire, but I am not buying them…. I’m waiting on them from the library… and it can be very tempting to look stuff up about them online. I’ve already read spoilers that gave things away that I’m not supposed to know yet. I’ve only completed A Game of Thrones and I am waiting on A Clash of Kings. It feels like it’s taking forever for me to get my hands on that book so that I can read it in its entirety because the hold list is pretty long. At least I’m getting closer to getting it, though…

Anyway, my point can be summed up in this nutshell: Don’t give in to temptation, no matter how strong it is, when it comes to reading spoilers.

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