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Recommendations: Good coding music?

Asked by Perchik (4987points) July 19th, 2007

While I'm writing code for applications I can't seem to find music that keeps me focused on the code. I want something that gives me the energy to get through a hardcore coding session (One application in 24 hours lol) A lot of energy but still good music. I know theres a bunch of programmers here, but this can apply to anyone, artists or whatever. What's good music for working on some kind of project?


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Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Dloyd, AIR, Led Zeppelin II and so on

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I don't do coding... but in my opinion, you can't beat Queen. That'd keep me up and focussed. Also try Hard-Fi, Maximo Park, The Klaxons or CSS.

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CSS? Never heard of em...but it would be fitting to listen to CSS while coding a css style sheet :D

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As a designer, I enjoy listening to music that keeps me focused as well, but usually I try listening to things that are instrumental. Don't laugh, but I find the soundtracks to "Samurai Champloo" extremely great when designing or creating. Give it try, you can find them here -;=music&qid;=1184872485&sr;=8-9 - The music is energetic, while relaxing, and keeps me focused; it has a weird hip-hop beat feel, with classic japanese musical influences.

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CSS is short for Cansei De Ser Sexy (Brazillian for "I'm tired of being so sexy" HaHa). It's listed as Alternative & Punk on iTunes. It's up-beat and has quite amusing lyrics. Try and listen to Meeting Paris Hilton if you can! ;)

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Pantera works for me.

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I know a very talented coder who listens to the soundtrack from Les Miserables on top volume while he's working. No joke.

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I usually prefer instrumental or foreign music, where the lyrics aren't a distraction. CSS might be good for coding a stylesheet :), but the lyrics tend to make me lose focus of whatever I'm doing (and turn beet-red, blushing). How about some jazz (get some properbox anthologies, 4cd/$25) or even some hardcore Boredoms, Melt Banana, OOIOO or John Zorn (i.e. the artsy-fartsy side of Pantera et al, if you're less of a metal person and more indie/experimental)?

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I have a playlist in iTunes called "Tunes by which to code". If you were on the local network, I'd share it with you. ;^) Personally, I find Modest Mouse great music to code by, but it's a hard question to answer without knowing your tastes in music.

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I'm not writing code, but I am working on a tedious analog animation frame by frame, and music is always essential. i tend to make a playlist and the put it on shuffle so that i am kept guessing. on that playlist would be a lot of Le Tigre, some Amy Whinehouse, a little Hawksley Workman...and then some 80's stuff, because its nice when music makes you smile after you've been drawing essentially the same image for 5 hours. You can't beat "Dancing on the Ceiling" at 3am.

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break beat or glitch--without question: few words, high energy, encourages productivity, positive emotions, creativity and focus.

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I was weeks away from finishing a job when caffeine quit working. I lucked onto the BlueMan group album _the Complex_
give it a try especially after 2am

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heres my actual iPod playlist names "Me.CodingFun.Playlist=NotFun"

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I personally like this music by Kenny G, it’s basically Modern Jazz. It allows me to have a good time while editing graphics

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Essential Yello and Autechre: Amber are two of my favs.

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Depends on your taste, and whether you’re in the middle of a deep coding problem, or just cruisin’ through easy stuff… Mostly, it either has to be so familiar or so unfamiliar that it doesn’t distract me.

I have unusually eclectic taste, so you might find me coding to anything from Kitka (a Bay Area womens vocal ensemble specializing in Eastern European/Mediterranean music) to Sigur Ròs to classical to ambient to almost any flavor of techno from breakbeats to chill.

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