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What are your top 5 biggest regrets in life?

Asked by th3dream3r (88points) March 16th, 2016

1— Not trying out for a semi-pro / professional football (soccer) team. When I was 18–21, I was told by so many people to try out for a team. They believed I had the skill & talent to make it. Unfortunatley life hit me with issues I couldn’t handle. At 26 I still have the skill & talent, however I am deemed too old.

2— Wish I would have started working & saving up at an earlier age. By this time I would have my own place and a car. More money in the bank as well.

3— Not talking to more girls & not having more female friends. I am currently single and looking for a girlfriend. It is hard because I look like I am 17 even thou I am 26. I am also really shy.

4— Wish I would have went to a big university. I went to a community college and hugely regret it. I feel I missed the whole college experience. I missed out on dorms, parties, college games & more.

5— There are people I should of been nicer to. I feel really bad the way I treated them. Hopefully one day I can apologize and make things right.

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As is said in a book I read with great frequency, “We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.”

About the only thing I regret is not having sex with a lot of the women I have known. Mostly though, regret is a state of living in the past and not being present. It is mostly a waste of time.

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I never think like that. What a waste of time. I got shit to do.

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I don’t have any regrets. Hindsight yes, but regret is a waste of time, like worry. It is what it is, and all the regret in the world doesn’t change a thing.

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It’s easy to have regrets and wish for do-overs when you are relatively young. As I have aged and look at some of the points of my history I would like to re-write, I can see a direct chain-of-events that leads directly to my pretty satisfactory situation right now. I would not want to change anything that affects my present situation.

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While a do-over for some things in life would be great, they’ve lead me to where I’m at right now. I’m still not exactly where I want to be in life, but I’ve learned a ton of valuable lessons from the not so pleasant things in life that happened to me (and done to myself.) I wouldn’t have learned them had I not gone through what I’ve gone through.

If I HAD to change one thing.. absolutely had to.. I would have gone to college for a different degree starting out and stuck with it instead of farting around and not caring about my grades and dropping out of college. I would be in a much different place in life now, for the better. (Right now I’m about to be 31 and still working three jobs as a single mom to make ends meet.. doing better with my education earlier on would have been nice.)

BUT, that’s not how it happened. So I am doing what I can with what I have, and it’s my responsibility to continue to turn it around.

Regrets happen, but don’t dwell on them! Use the lessons you’ve learned and continue to move up. Never too late to start fresh. <3

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1. Not getting a college degree
2. Not learning enough on the computer
to use it to get a job.
3. Buying items I really don’t need.
4. I regret the ongoing silence between my brother and I.
5. Regret not marring a man that shows more emotion towards me.

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@MooCows Marring him will get you nowhere. But you’re lucky. Most of those things you can do something about.

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1. Telling my father I didn’t want to hear from him anymore. I was twelve, and my mother made me.

2. Joining the Apostolic Pentecostal church.

3. Focusing so much on that church that I failed to attend college.

4. Not dating around more before I met my husband. It’s a minor regret, but it’s there.

5. Not taking better care of my teeth.

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Being born
Having the father I had.
Being raised by a Irish Catholic mother.
Being taught religion.
Not taking better care of my teeth.

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