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What's the most intimate non-medical procedure you've ever had performed on you by a (relative) stranger?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) March 17th, 2016

I can’t imagine a woman getting a bikini wax from a stranger.

I’ve never had a full body massage.

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I have had full body massages by both men and women, while nude yet under a sheet, They are marvelous.

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Many nude massages including water shiatsu.

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Blow job in high school.

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I guess a massage. I hated it.

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I’ve had numerous nude massages. Also by men and women. I love them. Soo relaxing.

I also go for regular, fully clothed, chair massages.

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A pedicure is the closest I will allow anyone near my body for a non-medical procedure. I really don’t like people touching me.

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Fellatio in Spain and Greece.

Conventional coitus in Colombia, Brazil, France, Italy, and here.

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@chyna I’m with you. I don’t even enjoy the hand/foot massage portion of a manicure or pedicure.

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…..IDK. Well, I’ve gotten a couple of sample massages in my life, from people who are set up at whatever show. Invariably they say, “Oh, your shoulder muscles are so tight! Do they hurt?”
Me, “Nah. I’m just in good shape and pretty strong.”

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Yep, same as @zenvelo Just had a massage yesterday, man or women, matters not, just make it hurt so good. lol

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Full body massage. I’ve had two: one by a tiny older Asian lady, the other by an incredibly attractive gay man.

Both were very relaxing, and I’d happily repeat the experience.

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I’ve had a bikini wax and a message. I didn’t even think about them as “intimate.”

I’ve been measured for a bra and helped into a bra, and have measured and helped hundreds of women with bras.

I’ve also touched at least three fake books of my friends, so that’s not me, but I thought I would share it anyway. They were showing me how they felt after they recently got augmented.

Still, none of it I think of as intimate or sexual.

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I pulled a hamstring muscle and a medical doctor friend of mime gave me a coupon for a free message. He said it would be very good form me. I expected to the message place to be well lighted and clinical looking. It was dark like a bordello with incense and candles. I was led down a long dark hallway by a young woman into a small dark room with a table. She told me to get naked and get under the sheet an she will be right back. When she came back I told her that I just need my right hamstring worked on. She worked both hamstrings and kept telling me to relax but I couldn’t. Then worked her way up to my lower back and asked if there was anything else that she can do for me. I said no thanks, I’m good. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Never again!

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@gondwanalon All massage is usually done in low light with soothing music. Ya gotta give it another chance, I mean unless this place was on skid row or something. haha
I have 3 sources for massage, one private, one a spa scene and another a little walk in reflexology place that gives great massage for inexpensive prices. Try another place and relax damn it, you’ll like it and the odds are much higher for a client to get weird with a massage therapist than the other way around.

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That’s interesting, @JLeslie!
I can’t imagine a bikini wax not seeming intimate.

I’ve had the Dr. hold my balls while I coughed, and while not sexual, I consider it pretty intimate.

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^^ I usually ask to hold his in return. Sort of cancels out the weirdness of it all.

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