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Now being in the age of DVDs and Blu-rays, do you still own a VHS player (VCR)?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2178points) March 18th, 2016

I do. I still like VHS and probably always will… but don’t get me wrong I like DVDs too!

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No. I haven’t owned a VCR player for years.

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Yeah, we still have a VCR but don’t use it very much.

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I haven’t had a VCR since the mid-90s. I can’t even remember the last time I had to use a disk. My music and movies kept melting in the heat. Everything I do is off flashdrive nowadays. My entertainment all goes through a laptop to the output periferals, the flatscreen, the speaker system on the boat and in the house, everything and mostly bluetooth or wifi. It’s easier to carry a dedicated laptop with half a terabyte of memory for all the movies, books and music than it is to make shelf space everywhere to handle it all. But I still have real books in the house. There is something about the smell and ambiance of being surrounded by good books and charts.

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My family threw away the VHR as soon as we got the DVD player, and it was more than 10 years ago. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t make any different if we still had it, since we didn’t really own any VHS tape at all. I remembered the main source of tapes were the local video store and we would only rent them for a couple of days. But when we got the DVD player, we began buying DVDs.

I personally don’t care whether the movie is in a VHS tape or a DVD, as long as it sastifies me I’m all in. It’s just that older movies seem to be more obscure and interesting.

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No, I have not used a tape machine for more than ten years.

Back in the day, I used VHS for audio recording. No video, just audio.

It was fantastic. 6 hours per tape of extremely high quality audio.

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Not at home. But the TV in my office at work has built in VCR! The only tape I have is an old Bullwinkle, which gets played when someone’s kid visits.

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Yes, though I haven’t used it in years. I have a large collection of old movies I taped years ago.

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We still have a VHS player and still use it occasionally. Mostly we have a lot of home video tapes (a lot of them being various theatrical productions that my wife or her mother have been in), that we’ve never gotten around to converting over to digital.

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I’m pretty sure we’re beyond the age of the DVD/Blue-ray as well. I stream movies now and never buy physical media that can get lost/scratched.

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Yes. I have shows/movies that I could watch except my cheap-ass SHARP TV isn’t compatible with any VCR/VHS player. But I’ll get a new, bigger TV soon. (NOT a SHARP!)

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We own 2 from decades ago. The one in the kitchen serves as the platform on which the tv rests.

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