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What is the best way to run an AIM bot? I'm thinking some IRC to AIM gateway. Ideas?

Asked by cyan (40points) July 26th, 2008
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Looking to create a service to answer questions for a product.

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wow, thanks johnpowell. way to go. very helpful.

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@cyan: Do you have a preference in language?

Probably your best bet is to find an XMPP bot in your language du jour, and since AIM introduced jabber compatibilities earlier this year, you’ll get that for free… plus, you’ll get other protocals that have gateways as well.

Fluther, for example, uses (or rather, used to use and will soon use again) an XMPP bot written in python built on Twisted.

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@andrew thank you! :)

i’m learning ror with erik right now. fun stuff. just wrote my first program last week.

i decided to install an eggdrop bot on irc and it has a gateway plugin that works with aim.

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