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What do you think of the Netflix show "Orange is the New Blackā€?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) March 23rd, 2016

And are you looking forward to season 4?

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I like it, but progressively less as the seasons have gone by, which is not unusual for me with series as the writing becomes increasingly less-polished.

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Dutch racists ;-}

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The premise leaves me completely uninterested, ergo I have zero intent to watch it.

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I’m enjoying it. This last season was a little meh, but I still enjoy Kate Mulgrew’s character.

Oddly, like many shows lately, I find the main character the least interesting.

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I love it and agree with @Seek ‘s whole answer!

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Agree with @Seek. Mulgrew is amazing.

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@Seek, I agree. From the middle of season 1 to season 3 I felt that Piper was really starting to evolve. But she’s becoming a little bland. Lets hope Piper ups her game in the fourth season.

But I have to say Mulgrew is hilarious as Red and I love her character relationship with Healey.

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YES. Also her advice on how to peel potatoes changed. my. life.

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Potatoes actually taste better with the skin.
But if you have to peel them, peel them after cooking them. You can do it easily with your bare hands.

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^ That was the revelation Red gave on the show. I taught myself how to cook, so I never had anyone around to teach me such wonderful folk wisdom.

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My brother in the US sent the first series to me for Christmas. I watched it and could never decide whether I actually enjoyed it or not. Unusual for me, I can usually tell by episode 3 at least whether I’m going to get into it. And I normally love quirky black humour, but I just couldn’t get interested in any of the characters, not enough anyway. I did watch the entire series I might add though. I may watch series 2 at some stage in the future, and give it another go, perhaps. Conversely, I have been loving The Night Manager, only two episodes left to go unfortunately.

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