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If youve seen the pallisers, would you recommend it for me?

Asked by Jeruba (55861points) March 13th, 2011

here’s a glimpse of my taste in tv drama. i also loved the tudors.

my activities are limited right now & i am spending a lot of time with netflix.

given all the givens, would you advise me to put the pallisers in my queue? i remember its being on tv in the u.s. decades ago, but i never saw it.

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Wow, if you’re talking about the 1974 series, I saw it when it first aired. I don’t remember much about it, but I loved it. Now I want to go back and see it again! I think if I remember it correctly you’ll like it.

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You’ve reminded me of how I loved Duchess of Duke Street. I’m going to try Pallisers now. How is your pain?

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thanks, @JilltheTooth & @faye. sounds like a good bet for me.

the pain is going down & i am cutting back on meds as fast as i can. i have a feeling that other things besides my right arm have taken some jolts and shaking up, but so far no one has looked at anything else, not even the prematurely uncasted right foot. @faye, can internal organs get knocked around with the kind of crash and bumpity-roll i took?

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Kidneys can get bruised and infected, very painful. How jolted did you get? You’d have significant bruising if you hurt kidneys or spleen. Internal organs are all anchored in place pretty good and don’t mind a little jostle. Pain pills are notorious for causing constipation. Get some kettle corn popcorn to fix that! I broke 2 vertebrae without knowing and they’ve healed crookedly. An xray is in order if you don’t feel right. You know your body.

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