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Any other series out there that's as well done as Sense8?

Asked by Jeruba (55884points) September 10th, 2017

The two-season Netflix drama Sense8 is beautifully directed, filmed, and edited, for the most part well acted, and (if you grant the premise for the sake of the storyline) very engaging.

My husband and I have been watching it one or two episodes at a time. Some of them, I admit, are a bit excessive for me, and some I just don’t follow as the plot meanders, but we’ve been enjoying it.

Now we’re about to run out.

I know there’s a two-hour series wrap-up coming next year, to alleviate the frustration of having a series end on a cliffhanger, but meanwhile—what?

Any suggestions for another serial program that my husband and I can both enjoy? In general his taste runs to action and romance and mine to classics, foreign films, and British costume/historical drama. Common ground is a bit scarce, but we want a Saturday-night movie every week. And when our standalone movie choice doesn’t work out, like last night, or we just want a little escape, that’s when we turn to an ongoing series.

Thank you.


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@ragingloli, thanks. Any of them? All of them?

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I only watched the modern series.

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2006? That one?

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Oh, yes, I imagine you’ll enjoy the new Doctor! I have Semse8 on my list. You might like Death in Paradise. I’ve seen a few episodes that I’ve really enjoyed.

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Do you have Amazon Prime? It looks like Doctor who moved there from Netflix. Any other services, like HBO?

Anyway, another vote for Dr. Who, the one that started in 2005. I’ve never seen the old series, but got hooked on the new one from the first episode. I’m on [new] season 9 of 10, and trying to slow down because I will be so sorry when I run out of new shows.

And dang it’s hard to find a simple list of shows available on Netflix. I see Justwatch dot com but I have to scroll through all the pictures, there is no simple list.

A Netflix possibility:
Broadchurch – The murder of a young boy in a small coastal town brings a media frenzy, which threatens to tear the community apart.

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Have you tried “Call the Midwife”? He might not love it but it has great characters and story lines. How about “The West Wing” if you haven’t seen it? A good antidote for these terrible political times.

“Gilmore Girls” is surprisingly fun and literate – especially the first few seasons. My Ex and I enjoyed watching it together.

I’m not a sci-fi person so can’t help you there.

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You might like Bryan Fuller’s series… Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls… and Hannibal if you can stand gore (it’s actually very beautiful, if you can stand gore).

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I avoided it due to subject matter, but I am finally watching Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul, and they are some of the best-done shows I’ve ever seen, though full of violent and immoral content.

Sense8 was pretty well done, and is definitely unusual in many many ways. A similar show that comes to mind, though different and perhaps not as well done in some ways, though with different good points, is Orphan Black.

I’d say The Expanse is also well done, though we’re only one season into it.

I think Rake (Australian dark comedic drama about a rakish lawyer) is quite well done, though certainly a different style.

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I love Rake. It is wonderful @Zaku. Cleaver Green is so funny and well-drawn. Do watch the Australian version though @Jeruba. Not the US offering.

I haven’t watched Sense8 because I heard they cancelled it and I didn’t want to get into it and for it to have a thrown together ending. I’ve been watching Orphan Black and it is good. My daughter really loved it.

You didn’t mention crime, but there are some excellent crime series around. @Call_Me_Jay mentioned Broadchurch and I would agree that that’s a fabulous series. Another is The Fall. I’m guessing you’ve seen Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch? That’s very good.

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Oh yes – “Sherlock” is wonderful, deep, funny and great characters,

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Have you seen the series “Breaking Bad”? It is brilliant.
It can be viewed on many levels. You can see metaphors, similes, and double entendres all through the show. Watch the use of colors, the characters’ names, the use of mirrors, camera angles.
Every scene is there for a reason.

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“Downton Abbey” for clothes and Maggie Smith. It’s not deep but it’s fun.

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You might like the show “Fringe”. I haven’t seen the last season yet, but from what I’ve watched of the four seasons, the characters are extremely well developed. And although the premise of the show is extremely outlandish (even for a sci-fi show) it’s extremely thought provoking.

However, the acting in the pilot isn’t the best, but the acting definitely improves throughout the season.

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Please give Lost a chance. It’s six seasons of cliffhangers at the end of almost every episode. If you two like mystery, romance, and a bit of science fiction all rolled into one show, with everything explained as the show progresses, this could be the one for you. Excellent character development.

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