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What should I do?

Asked by VirgoGirl826 (469points) March 30th, 2016

I’m an Interior Design student currently in my third year and I’m NOT happy. Our department only has 20 students in it, maybe, and as a result we get treated like crap by the school. We’re pretty much cast aside in favor of the oh-so-glorified Film, Fine Art, and Graphic Design departments, and everyone looks down on us to the point where people literally forget we even exist. The people that give tours of our school don’t even bother going down our hall anymore; “there’s no point, there’s nothing to see.” We display our work ALL the time. Our new president insists that he’s doing everything he can to save our program and start advertising and promoting it in order to increase enrollment, but as of now we’re losing our CIDA accreditation after this year for two whole years, and they’ve restructured when our classes are offered so if you don’t take a class that’s offered, this Fall for instance, it’s not going to be available again for another 2 years. This sets me back another 2 years, so I won’t graduate until 2020 now (I was supposed to graduate Spring ‘18). One minute we’re told there’s no funding, and the next we’re hearing that the Graphic Design department is getting all new computers. While we have to deal with torn up drafting tables. And they’re taking 2 of our 3 classrooms away, and we have to fight to keep the one we love most. I’m just so sick of the disrespect and false promises. I feel like it’s not worth it to attend this school anymore, but I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. I know I’ll have a hard time getting a good job without a degree. I love design. There are schools where I’m from but they’re twice as expensive and my credits from where I am now won’t transfer apparently. So I’d have to retake a lot of classes I’ve already taken. It’s frustrating. What should I do?

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I would drop out and take a bunch of STEM classes (Science technology engineering and math). You asked. You can practice graphic arts and design without a license. You can just start your own business now. Don’t lower your self by playing games and jumping through hoops.

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Can you transfer to another university that still has accreditation and a larger cohort in your field? If your grades are good and you can provide samples of your work, you may be able to get a place at a better institution.

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Transfer. Find some stable respected schools that will offer the program you want and will accept some often credits.

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Get out now.

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See if you can get an appointment at another school with an adviser or faculty member in interior design. Bring a portfolio of your work. Tell them what you’ve told us. See if they would be amenable to helping you transfer more of your credits and also apply for financial aid. Do your best to get into another program.

I’m sorry you are going through this.

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Is that a public Uni? It seems that you should be able to sue or get a refund of,tuition. As far as the class that’s only offered every two years, you can find the class at another Uni and take an accelerated one, in the summer . I had my acceptance and place all set but I had to finish ONE science class to enter my year. I found one in the Midwest, flew out there to find it filled. I ended up taking “mathematics in cancer chemotherapy” at night three days a week three hours of class that sucked badly but it filled the requirement.

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Finish school…......somewhere with some degree. You can always be a designer.

Why don’t you expain why your classes will not transfer. The program is accredited at the moment so your credits should transfer.

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Suggest to the New President to consider merging the depts to get the needed support/funding for all “Design ” programs.
Hopefully that will work for everyone.

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