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Why does studying make me so depressed?

Asked by 01101101 (252points) April 1st, 2016

I literally don’t have any motivation to study. I always procrastinate to the last minute, and when the deadline comes, I know I won’t be able to finish it and I get very depressed. Just thinking of all the things I have to do makes me so anxious it gives me anxiety attacks and leads me to a downward spiral again.

I’m not physically busy but my mind is, always, so when it happens, that’s the time I start procrastinating and play games to ease my mind. This would go on for a week to a month, and then it would be the same again. It’s hard for me to focus on what I’m doing. I always find myself searching for a breather even if I’m not busy. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Please help me.

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Welcome to my team.

In college I found that I pretty much had to leave the house to get shit done. I would go to the library with no laptop, no iPod, no phone.

Only then could I get shit done..

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I get that anxiety with worrying about everything you have to do. Usually, that anxiety leads me to do nothing. For example, I might have a huge essay due tomorrow that I barely even started. I won’t want to do it, and I won’t want to do anything else beucase I feel like my time should be devoted to the essay. I probably won’t be able to stop thinking about it anyway. Therefore, I do no work.
Recall the feelings you get when doing work. For example, writing a huge essay. For me, often starting is the hardest. But, once I’ve started, I get into it and spend a good deal of time working on it. So, realize that just those first few seconds are going to be difficult, but it should get easier from there. You’re goal could be just to hurdle over those first few moments.
I do what @johnpowell does. I go elsewhere. The library, school, a coffee shop, McDonalds, somewhere other than home. I cannot do work at home. I cannot do ANY work at home. No matter how hard I try. It’s a fixed mindset.

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Are you getting help for your depression?

Studying doesn’t make you depressed, being depressed keeps you from studying.

Where are you living? Still with the abusive family?
Honestly, I don’t know how much help you can get from Fluther. Almost all the advice is going to come from a Western perspective, and that’s not what you need.

In order for Fluther to help at all, we need to know a little about your living situation and what, if any, resources are available to you. Especially counseling resources.

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Try to make time for your body as well as studying. Swimming, running, gym, whatever you enjoy. Endorphins are great.

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Most people are that way. I don’t know of anyone who gets joyful about studying. But, as you’ve learned, putting it off leaves you depressed and feeling like you’ve failed. Many people dislike that feeling so much that they buckle down and get ‘er done. Then they feel just the opposite. The feel proud of themselves and feel that they’ve accomplished something.

You just have to do it. Find a quiet place, open that book (or whatever) and take that first step. It will get easier. (This is also a sign of growing maturity…doing what needs to be done, whether you want to or not. This is something that some folks around me never did learn. )

Just do it.

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I have no idea unless you hate the subject or find the subject sad and depressing. I love school and studying; that’s right, number one nerd right here.

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It´s because people don’t find the real purpose of school. I see school and pay bills like part of living, we have determinate “years to live”, to live! learn thing, make others. So, if you are not finding interesting school, its because you think whatever school is teaching you it´s not taking to do what you love.

Dont study just because you have too. We need to find that activity that make us happy, but provide us the basic to living. We can´t be held by others forever.

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Well, it’s a huge waste of money if the kid is enrolled in school and decides, “I don’t wanna do this any more because I’m not happy,” And drops out. It’s not like you can get the tuition back.

My advice is, unless it’s your own money you’re wasting, you are held by others and you owe it to them to give it the best you have.

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Are you getting help for your depression?

Studying doesn’t make you depressed, being depressed keeps you from studying.

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