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If you pop a pimple and then douse it with anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, would you have effectively killed off all the germs that were previously inhabiting the skin?

Asked by jcs007 (1773points) July 27th, 2008
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Clean with oil-free face wash and then sterilize with astringent.

Hand sanitizer kills the germs that would cause infection, but its dirt and oil that cause the pimple. Plus I don’t know how healthy that is for the skin…

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Once you have opened it, it is an open wound. You should not use hand sanitizer on that. Here is a source for effective home remedies if you do not want to use one of the new acne products, which work very well.

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Bear in mind, that by squeezing it, you are most likely forcing the infection under the skin, as well as on top of it and can cause more problems by doing that.

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All I know is putting anti-bacterial sanitizer (i.e. ethyl alcohol) into an open wound of any kind (such as a popped pimple) is a good way to kill all the cell that were previously inhabiting the surface of it, (those that come in contact with the alcohol). Killing living tissue sounds like a bad idea to me. I would suggest not popping the pimple. It will disappear a lot more quickly that way.

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Have you ever poured alcohol into an open wound? OUCH!!!

The question sounds good in theory but I really think it would cause some serious damage.

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*that should say “cells” in the second line. sorry for the typo

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