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What are the steps to move to another country?

Asked by xgunther (446points) July 19th, 2007 from iPhone

specifically moving to canada or Germany from the US?

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Check visa requirements (especially if you want to work/study/stay for a long time and can't be there with just with your passport as a tourist), buy a plane ticket, have a savings (and an ATM/debit card to go with it), pack.

- find a place to live, or join or locate hostels as an interim if you don't have a place pre-arranged.
- get a job, register for classes, or whatever you'll be doing there.
- contact anyone you know or that someone you know knows in the move-to area.
- have your mail forwarded if necessary (if you're moving out of the current place and/or no one there can collect it for you) and/or change your address to a new one in the current or new countries (at the post office, with your friends, bills, health insurance, etc)
- get an International Drivers License
- learn about the country you are moving to (language, currency, customs.........)

the list could go on and on.......

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those are great general tips but you aren't getting into Germany without a roundtrip ticket or relatives that will accept financial responsibility or unless you have and can prove a pretty hefty bank balance to ensure you wont be a burden. Next you have to have minimal language and a job before you move. Go to the consulate site for specifics and goodluck!

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There are a few options to get into Canada. A student visa (assuming you’ve been accepted to a Canadian university or college), a work visa (need a company to hire and sponsor you), or you have family/spouse in Canada. I live in Toronto and married an American and the process for her permanent residency was not as easy as you would think.

I’m not sure what the rules are if you try to just emigrate to Canada. Regardless, as the previous poster said, check with the Canadian consulate/embassy in the US to see what all the options are.

This website has a lot of great info to help you out:

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I probably should haven mentioned that both the work and student visas are tempoary things. Again, check the website above to see what works for you.

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There are few things that you should do before you move. First is that you have to do the packing. If you are planning to move with your family then i think it is best served if you hire removals company. They done everything including packing systematically.

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For moving there are lots of things to remind but the most important points are:
– To make a plan
– To make a checklist for packing
– Label all the boxes
– If possible hire to the moving companies
– Advance booking of transportation
– Check the passport
– To take all the information of new place
– To inform to the neighbour & friends about moving

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