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Where is Battlestar Galactica filmed?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) July 27th, 2008
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In space, can’t you tell? That’s why the cameras are all shaky.

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In Canada, I think. Possibly Vancouver.

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AstroChuck, that’s what I was thinking too! and I was wondering if anyone could confirm it. I was browsing the Sci Fi website (me, a dork? never! ;-) ), and I noticed that almost the entire cast was from Vancouver, or at least “spent part of their time” there, and that’s what prompted me to ask the question in the first place. i looked there, and at imdb, but i didn’t find anything. Do you have another reason to think it’s Vancouver besides the one i already know?

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Because it is, like almost all Sci Fi channel productions.

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Its definitely filmed in Vancouver. Caprica IS Vancouver… They didn’t try to hide it at all. They have had many locations around town and in the surrounding areas. The Vancouver public library was a common locale in the early series. They’ve also filmed at Grouse mountain, among others. I’m not positive which studio they use, but I suspect it’s Bridge Studios, which is also where Stargate Atlantis is filmed.

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yup, Vancouver!

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i can see it!i saw battlestar galactica when i was9 or 10. i loved that show more than i did id star wars oor anything else.
i have tried to e pastient with the new battlestar. i thought it would get better but it didn’t. what is all this cylon crap. they blew up the planet they were born on. ya don’t make friends with the enemy!!!they are the enomy for a reason! i am not a sci fi guy but i know a good

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yah Vancouver is big for filming nowadays.

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