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What's your 2016 gardening plan?

Asked by jaytkay (25810points) April 11th, 2016

I am revved up for garden season!! This weekend my first basil sprouts broke ground in my little egg-carton window nursery. Though I have limited space, just a few large clay pots, I feel like a real farmer when I’m cooking with my homegrown produce.

My farm will have three crops this year.

The University of Florida is working to make tasty grocery store tomatoes and I got some seeds with a $10 donation.

I picked a beautiful Hungarian Wax Pepper from the grocery store as seed stock.

I’m will grow as much basil as possible and make pesto ice cubes to enjoy throughout the winter.

How does your garden grow?

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Those basil plants make my mouth water for summer and its bounty.

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I know what you mean, @Love_my_doggie they look really thick and juicy. Rub your hands on basil and they smell spicy and delicious.

Only last year I learned that if you cut down basil plants they grow back huge again. I got three harvests.

They grew about three feet tall, I took all the leaves and chopped off the stems to about six inches. Then I got a three foot plant again.

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I don’t do well at gardening. This past two weeks I have enjoyed watching the onion that sprouted in my drawer grow and grow. I transplanted it into a pot with soil. I looked online and found pictures of flowers on a sprouted onion, but so far I’ve been disappointed. The ends on the sprouts on my onion are just turning brown and shriveling.

I did find a California Poppy growing in my yard, and it is gorgeous.

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@YARNLADY I just bought green onions with the plan to grow more in a jar, like this.

The California Poppy sounds beautiful. When I lived in LA my cousins took a trip to the dessert to see the blooms. I was sorry I stayed home that day.

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To pay someone to garden for me. I have brown thumbs. I wish I had the time and inclination to be out there gardening – it just isn’t my reality.

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I have a patch of gravel a deck and a small strip where two driveways go separate ways. Not much to garden but I started raking the gravel to get rid of dead weeds and moss. I’ll spray it with vinegar when I have it cleaned up and power wash the retaining wall on the one side. The deck needs power washing and re staining. I’ll get some containers and plants and maybe some flagstones to make a nice path though the gravel. The strip just needs raking away of the old dead grass so the two flowering perennials can do their thing for the bees.

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My basil and cilantro are all breaking the surface. I have a few tomato plants in pots that already have fruit. The rest will get planted this weekend.

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Can I get some credit for even thinking of gardening at 63 degrees north? The trees haven’t even really started budding here yet. The last two mornings have been 0C. I live on the Northwest side of a hill. I planted dozens of tulips at my old house that had more of a garden and got a bit more sun, but they never bloomed. I’m going to try hostas in the containers and just cross my fingers they can survive.

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I love to do container herb gardening. I plan to grow basil, thyme, perhaps rosemary and chives.

Then, since my sister told me the secret to growing tomatoes, I plan to try them again.

I will plant flowers in pots on the front porch and the deck. Some annuals and perhaps a perennial or two. I love lobelia although it does not seem to grow well in this climate (too hot I think).

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When the grass gets too long, cut it. Thats pretty much it.

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Find psilocybin spores and have a great summer. Thats my gardening plan lol.

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