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Life in Chicago?

Asked by rockstar (675points) July 28th, 2008

Going there in a few weeks and need some stuff to do. What are some museums/art galleries I should attend? Perferably ones with good photography exibits. What are some unique places to photograph? Don’t really want your typical postcard images. Also need some good places to eat. I like all types of foods but definitely want to get some Chicago style pizza and Greek. If their is anything else I should experience I am open for suggestions.

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A wonderful, vibrant city—one of my favorites. What I love best is how it still retains defined neighborhoods with individual characters.

Too many museums to mention. Some of my favorites are the Museum of Science & Industry and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Are you a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright? I am, and so for me it’s the Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Oak Park.

As to food, if you are a carnivore, make sure to hit a steakhouse too.

Have a great trip.

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My favorite place in Chicago is Navy Pier. I love to peoplewatch and that is the best place for it. I would imagine you could get some great pictures there too.

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The Museum of Contemporary Art is fascinating! Check out Millennium Park on Michigan Avenue as well.” The Bean” aka Cloudgate there is amazing. No place like my hometown!

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For food, I would certainly hit Greek Town and China Town and if you have time Chicago Chop House or Gibson’s Steak House. My favorite museum is the field museum, although Science and Industry is pretty incredible and that building is the only one remaining from the Columbian Exhibition (World’s Fair) of 1893.

If you are into off-beat stuff, try the Radio Hall of Fame at the Columbia School of Broadcast on Michigan Avenue. The Art Museum is fantastic. Go see a show at Second City. Visit Lincoln Park Zoo. Shop Michigan Avenue (Mag Mile). Visit the top of the Sears Building and the Hancock. See a Cub game at Wrigley.

so very much to do! Enjoy!

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I only have vague recollections of hyde park, chicago from when I visited my grandparents there as a child. They are good memories that feel like photographs so…. if you’re in the vicinity check out drexel square for me… there should be a park there and maybe even flowers.

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For the best Chicago pizza: Gino’s East.

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…or Giordano’s :)

As for art, I do like the Museum of Science and Industry but it’s really far south compared to everything else; difficult to get to if you’re using public transit. When I lived there 5 years ago, Tuesdays were free at the Art Industry of Chicago…a great place to go to see the classic paintings. And it’s right smack on Michigan Ave, off the Adams or Jackson el stop – so convenient!

It’s also fun to go to the top of Hancock or Sears…IMO, Hancock is a little more fun and laid-back, and both views are equally great. I always liked jumping on the train and just riding around to get a great view of the neighborhoods….red line Belmont is nice, as well as Damen on the blue line toward O’Hare. Both are pretty off-beat but hip; lots of neat thrift stores, great [cheap] restaurants and young people around. Will post more if I think of anything else!

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