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Can you house/potty train a pet hedgehog?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) July 28th, 2008

I was considering getting an African Pygmy Hedgehog as a low-fuss pet if I ever went to university or just afterwards. Can you house/potty train them? Just wondering.

And if anyone has a pet hedgehog or an experience with one if you could share your opinion that would be great too :)

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A few years back I was looking into getting a hedgehog, and found that yes, they can be litter trained. I hope that helps! They’re adorable!

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My brother-in-law and his wife had several hedgehogs and loved them very much. From

“Hedgehogs can frequently be taught to use a litter box if training is begun young enough. Begin by selecting a litter box, which can be any container that the hedgehog can easily climb into and that is large enough for him to turn around in. Corner ferret litter boxes, available at most pet stores, work very well. Fill the litter box with some sort of litter such as pine or aspen shavings or recycled newsprint cat litter. Avoid cedar as the aromatic oils can cause respiratory problems and also avoid clumping type cat litter as they will clump on the hedgehog’s genitals. Once you have your litter box set up, “seed” it with a few turds. If your hedgehog misses the litter box, move the refuse into the litter box. Most hedgehogs prefer to use a litter box rather than to soil their homes, although many will also use their wheel as a second litter box. If your hedgehog does this, you might also place a small pan containing litter under the base of the wheel, or just clean the wheel frequently. Jennifer Plombon wrote an excellent article on litter training hedgehogs for a recent issue of the Hedgehog Welfare Society’s newsletter.”

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Post a picture for us if you get one, okay?

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I know I’m not answering the question, but I’ve wanted a hedgehog for so long! I’m just nervous that my kitties won’t be happy with me or something would happen to the hedgehog.

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I guess i’m not alone :D
Thanks for the replys and of course I will post a pic if I ever got one :)

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simply pick up the hedgies poo and put it in the litter box he will learn but will take some time

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I just got a hedgehog a week ago, and we picked her up a little corner litter box. The man at the pet store told us to use that big gray fluffy sort of bedding inside it. So far all she has done is gone underneath her wheel, and under her waterbottle. So I was looking up if it is possible to use cat litter. But I know nobody likes to be patient, but with a hedgehog thats all you can be.
I keep placing the Poo in the litterbox and hope for the best. but of course i dont let my hedgehog run around the house, just its cage.
to answer your question exactly, hedgehogs are a perfect pet for someone living in a dorm/apartment/or just a house, and they can be potty trained with some time.
Personally im thinking of changing my litter box to a big shoe box with the side cut out so she can get in. try it for yourself! Hope this helps some!

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Yes, it can be done:

“3. Potty training hedgehog is possible. They are intelligent creatures, they can be easily trained and they can easily adapt to an environment. All you need is to provide them with a deep litter plate. Stick to it every day and they will be used to it. reference:

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hi!! i just got a hedgie 6 days ago, i placed him in two large boxes connected with each other, in one i put a tube where he hides, water and food, and in the other i placed a small ceramic plate with cat litter (the one that doesnt clumps), i placed a small poo in the litter, and next time he poo it was very close to the plate, after a few times now he has no accidents (lol). Once he felt safe in his boxes i disconnected them and left 15 cm between each other, he started to explore around my room, and if he feels threatened he runs to his safe place, he still uses the litter and sleeps in his other box, he likes to run free once in a while, which I think is better.
hope this helps!!
good luck

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