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In your opinion do you think it's better if an Athlete retires at the top of their game , or after they know they have lost their edge and washed up?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19394points) April 15th, 2016

I am kinda mixed on this, I have seen Athletes that should have tossed the towel in and say I’m done.
I have also seen them say I’m done, when you think why they were doing great.
What is your opinion?

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Honestly, it’s the athlete’s personal choice.
If playing the game still gives them pleasure and keeps them fit, why quit just because they’ve passed their peak?
When I was younger I hated to see people stay in their chosen field after their game/looks/edge started to fade, and I always thought it was sad. Now that I’ve passed the middle mark, I applaud people doing whatever suits them – career wise, especially.

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At the top of their game is too early. After they have lost their edge is too late.

As long as they enjoy it and are able to play at a level where they are not a risk to losing a game, keep playing.

Kobe should have retired a couple years ago. The other nine players let him have a shooting round to make a farewell record.

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I love Daniel Tosh’s opinion on this.

click da link

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It’s not as easy as it may appear, to know, let alone admit you’re past your best as an elite athlete.
They spend the majority of their lives driven by ambition to reach the top in their sport, to be the best that they can be both physically & mentally.
Especially difficult to retire if they achieved great feats, that desire to succeed, the hunger to go that extra yard, intoxicating, ingrained in their dna, hard to just let go.

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