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What is the point of this sign?

Asked by Jak (3600points) April 15th, 2016

I was driving the other day and as I turned a corner I saw a “Yield” sign. An directly below it there was a sign that said; “Obey this sign”.
What? What is the point? If I’m not going to yield the first time I see an order to do so, why would you think telling me again would change my mind?

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Signs cost you, the taxpayer, cash.

Why post one when you can post two?

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Well, yeah. “Obey this sign!” would give me pause the first couple of times I saw it, at least. It’s the equivalent of “Radar enforced” on speed limit signs.

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^ Radar, LOL.

Laser detection is the only real threat.

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Clearly you have carte blanche to disobey all other signs.

I am not a lawyer

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I guess that they have a problem with compliance with that particular sign.

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The should be more polite and place a “please” sign below it.

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Well, they need another sign that says “Simon says”.

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I think someone is just being over cautious. But as @RedDeerGuy1 pointed out it may have been placed their in response to others ignoring the “Yield” sign.

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I’m not going to do it until they personalize it with another sign that says; “Jack, this means you!”

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The point is blunt

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You should write to whatever agency has jurisdiction over the signs and the road in question to correct their error.

The second sign should say “Obey THAT sign.” Or, more simply, OBEY. Because a sign that says “Obey THIS sign” and nothing else is quite useless. “Okay, I’m obeying the sign that says to obey this sign – but I’m still not going to yield,” would be a perfectly valid traffic response. (You’ll still get a ticket for failure to yield if the condition applies, the cop is present and can be bothered to care – or notice – but you can say that you were obeying the sign that said to obey itself, and who’s to say otherwise?)

I’m still trying to figure out the signs with the big red P and a diagonal red line through that. What does that mean, anyway? No peeing blood? My case comes up next month.

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It might be a bit of guerilla street art. Here are some examples.

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^^ had a whole thing in my head about the obey thing and that argument. I then thought OBEY all by itself would be too much like “They Live” with the late Roddy Piper.
... the Ontario sign is hilarious ;-)

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It’s an attempt by the DOT to get people to yield…............half of the driving population seems to have no idea what that means. The alternative will be a stop sign which will really slow down traffic at highway exits and entrances. I love that my neighborhood uses yield signs a lot where other towns might use stop signs. As long as people are smart enough to slow down and yield they work. There were two accidents at one intersection here and the yield sign has been replaced with a stop sign. If people would just think of yield signs as stop signs where it is OK to roll through if safe, they would work just as well as stop signs.

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I look forward to a future with electronic signs.
Ones that can change a yield to a stop during high traffic periods, than back.
Stop lights that turn themselves into a 4-way flash after 6 pm and on non-event weekends.
Speed limits that can reduce to 30 MPH in rain or snow, run traffic at 55 in clear weather.

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