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Would your life be better if you were more domesticated?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17698points) April 15th, 2016

What can you suggest? Humor welcome.

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No way, not me. I might be too domesticated (civilized) to have to deal with so many Neanderthals.

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I should probably cook better meals, perhaps, but I’m limited with budget right now. Current meals are mostly based on what was half off in the bargain fridge, so they are based around ready made, packaged meat balls at the moment. Pehaps that shows how domesticated I am because I am able to live in my grocery budget and make the most of it.

Where are certainly fall down is that my hobbies are all over the house. I am re making an old medicine cabinet into a jewellery storage cabinet. It has been out on a table for months. I finally started it yesterday. Hardest part was deciding what colours to use. I’m-a-give it a mild steam punk look with an antique silver exterior (which will also match my wardrobe it will share a wall with) and I’ll decoupage some old books in the interior. The font is that old Germanic font and the books are a turn of the century Danish/Norwegian. I’m excited now that I started it. I need a new knob for the door and not sure what is going to be yet. I might make something with some old European coins. I have jars and jars of them…... speaking of which… craft supplies are a domestic issue…...

The other thing that is all over the house is my soap making. I have bars of soap in shoe boxes drying on the top of my kitchen cupboards and my utility room where I do my laundry is cluttered with soap making supplies and other supplies, so much that it is overflowing to boxes under my dining room table.

I guess you can say that my interior craft goddess is stronger than my domestic goddess.

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Heck yeh, I’d eat well and have a clean house!

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Not necessarily. I know a few folks who are obsessive, and their lives seem no picnic.

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If I didn’t have to work and could be home more and had the money to afford the lifestyle, I’d have a spotless house (hopefully or at least in my fantasy world LOL), the house would be organized, my child would eat wonderful homemade meals every day (ditto). I’d have great crafts going (@cazzie‘s jewelry armoire sounds great). One I do is decoupage, and I’d do it more if I had the time. I have a sewing machine, a few years old but I just took it out of the box about two months ago, and I would love to have the time to brush up on my sewing and sew some clothes. I’d love to learn how to upholster. I already know how to refinish furniture so upholstery would be a great thing to go with refinishing. I do some amateurish stuff with staple gun and foam now but it’s not really upholstery. I also have all kinds of jewelry making stuff including tools, gems and notions, and I’d love to learn that, too.

So to answer the question, if I had the time, the same money I have now including health insurance, yes, my life would be better if I had the time to do more domestic things.

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@jca “money to afford the lifestyle” That’s the key because nothing lends one an air of domesticity like servants and staff!

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If I didn’t have to work, I’d be ok without servants and staff, I think.

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Would you really want to detail the Bentley and Ferrari or scrape the barnacles from the hull of the yacht yourself?

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I’m a stay at home. I don’t think I could become more domesticated.

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I actually prefer being feral.

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No I actually think my tendency to prefer the comfort and convenience of staying home is one of the major things stopping me from having as fun of a life as I could be right now.

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I’m a perfect split right down the middle. half free spirited, wing it, fly by the seat of my pants and half tidy, organized and love to cook. Works for me. I do hate vacuuming the house though, just hate it. Dishes and laundry no problem, vacuuming, ugh.

I love to nurture my pets but have zero desire to nurture another human after raising a child and being divorced for 13 years now. I do not have any desire to care for a partner in a relationship at all.

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