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Would you be more likely to vote for Clinton if Warren were on the ticket?

Asked by rojo (24179points) April 21st, 2016

Just found this little blurb nothing definite and perhaps just a little something to soften up the Sanders supporters but what are your thoughts?
Would you be more likely, less likely or would it make no difference to you if Elizabeth Warren was Hillary Clintons running mate?

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Won’t happen. Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t accept an offer to run with Clinton.

If she did accept that offer, she would no longer be the Elizabeth Warren that I have come to respect.

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Less likely. Warren is a poison pill for me.

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It’s hard for me to imagine anything that would make me less likely to vote for Hilary. There is no chance that I would ever vote for her as it is. Nonetheless, Warren would not be an asset for Hilary in my mind so I guess the chances of me voting for Hilary with Warren on the ticket would be less than zero.

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No, not more likely as I am already at 100%. I will vote for her no matter who she puts on the VEEP slot.

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I will vote for her if she is the candidate in any case but I will be happier about voting for her if Warren is her running mate.

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I am voting, hesitantly, for Hillary, but if EW is on the ticket, I will be much happier doing it.

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Vote for Clinton in the primaries, or in the general election? I honestly don’t think that many people who would vote for Warren as VP would refrain from voting for Clinton as President if she is the nominee.

The deciding factor is who wins the primaries. Announcing the potential VP before the primaries are over could sway a few voters, but I doubt it would affect that many. And there’s no way Warren would agree to be Clinton’s VP if Sanders is still vying to be the Democratic nominee.

Now, if Sanders attempts to run as an independent (and hopefully he will not do that), and Warren agrees to be Clinton’s VP… that would probably kill Sanders’ campaign. I honestly don’t think he would, though.

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If Bernie loses I will plug my nose and vote for Hillary.
I’m willing to bet that she chooses Corey Booker as her tuning mate

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In the CA primary, I’d still vote for Bernie.

If Clinton gets the nomination, I’ll vote for her regardless of her VP, unless some preposterous situation arises.

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Only if Clinton had terminal cancer in the final stage.

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The role of VP is fairly minor compared to president, so having Warren in that position would not have any influence on me. I also agree with @Seek, that if Warren ever joined up with Clinton, I would view it as as Warren selling out and I would lose my respect for her.

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I LOVE ELIZABETH! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I will vote dem regardless.

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