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Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?

Asked by ucme (50047points) April 21st, 2016

Now Prince is dead RIP

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Which prince?

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Put it this way, he ain’t fresh anymore

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Will Smith is dead?

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That would be the implication, neither confirmed or denied at this point

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My Guitar Gently Weeps today.

Prince’s Super Bowl press conference was better than almost every Super Bowl half time show.

RIP, Prince
Thank you for everything!

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57, just to repeat 57

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Apparently he was taken ill on friday but later released from hospital

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The man’s talents were not to my taste. But those talents were genuine and great. So long genius.

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Yep, never was a Prince fan, liked a couple of his sings but, never the less, RIP Prince.

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I’m taken aback. I am so glad I saw him perform. He was a uniquely talented individual. So sad.

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Don’t confuse Prince, the musician with FRESH PRINCE of Bel Air who is Will Smith, the actor.
Will Smith has NOT died. @ucme

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very, very sad! :(

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@si3tech Wow, just wow

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When Michael Jackson died, I was really surprised but I didn’t cry.

I was just as surprised when I heard the news today. However, the tributes to Rogers on a local TV station were so touching that if I was a dove, I’d have been flyin’, cryin’ Brian.

I really liked some of his lesser known tunes, such as Peach, Raspberry Beret (beautiful video), U Got the Look (w/Sheena Easton), and I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man.

If there is a heaven, he’ll soon be jamming with Jimi.

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Where did you see him perform?

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Truth be told, I do not know a single one of his songs.
To me, he is but an obscure and meaningless name that I might have heard someone mention at a nonspecific point in the past.

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Well thats very sad. I’m shocked to hear this. I wasn’t a Prince fan, but its always sad to lose another human being and a great talent.

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Party’s over; oops, out of time.

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@Brian1946 Los Angeles Forum.

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The wife’s favourite colur is purple, she can’t stand Prince though or rain

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I love Prince’s music and was a huge fan for many years. He was amazing live. Played every instrument on stage at one point. And his guitar playing was not unlike Jimmi Hendrix.

So very sad.

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I respected the man very much. RIP, formerly AFKAP.
If there’s a rock-and-roll heaven, he is the MC!

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“And his guitar playing was not unlike Jimmi Hendrix.”

GMTA. ;-)

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@Brian1946: Damn tootin’

And I will add this:
Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, and Prince perform While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Tribute to George Harrison

Stay till the end to see Prince on guitar.

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So now he’s The Former Artist Known Formerly As Prince?
He had a lot of talent. I particularly liked Diamonds and Pearls. It had a sick instrumental.

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When you feed someone the Will Smith gag & they take it literally, give your heads a wobble

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Huh, I had no idea he was a Jehovah’s Witness. That must have been a tough line to walk.

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@ucme What is the “Will Smith gag?”

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In response to “which prince?” I wrote “he ain’t fresh anymore” as in dead, as in fresh prince of bel air, amazed this needs spelling out.
An example of a derailed thread due to a bullshit answer, hey-ho

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My local NPR radio station is playing a 2 hour Prince tribute now (Friday April 22 9:30PM Central)

90 minutes remaining if you can catch it.

Live stream


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