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Have you seen the very funny Prince impersonation Diet Dr. Pepper commercial?

Asked by stanleybmanly (23824points) May 6th, 2016 from iPhone

Of course the thing was certainly shot & produced before the death of Prince. But do you think it was a poor marketing decision to run it anyway?

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Well it looks like there’s a whole string of these little clips done by someone called “Lil’ Sweet.” I just caught the one about the playhouse. Pretty funny.

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DDP has been building this “Lil-Sweet” brand for a over a year now and I don’t think they should stop. The spots are funny as hell.

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I’ve been googling this and it’s a riot. There’s absolutely no admission to be found anywhere that these clips parody Prince. It’s a very slick campaign and the clips crack me up.

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I thought he was doing Will Smith impersonations, but hey, that’s just me

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