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Anyone else appalled by the new car ad that encourages owners to commit insurance fraud so they can buy a new car?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) December 31st, 2007

This tv ad shows owners cutting big trees that fall on their cars and pushing cars over cliffs and off parking lots. Is this supposed to be funny?

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Well since I think that private insurance is itself a fraud/scam/what-have-you then for me there is a certain humour to it.

Cutting a tree down to get a new car is funny in an ironic way (à la global warming) but I don’t like it. Trees are friends.

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In my mind, it’s amusing enough. I don’t see it as a literal call to arms, but more an evocation of the feeling of wanting to ditch your car.

I do have a threshold, though. I wrote PowerBar (I think it was PowerBar—the “don’t bonk” ads) in disgust over a TV ad where a doctor bonks and the patient dies on the operating table.

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I’m not sure if the ad in question is encouraging insurance fraud. Generally people won’t buy a new car unless there is something wrong with the old one. (ie…dont like it anymore, its got bad mileage, it fell off a cliff, etc) So I think the ad is just suggesting their car is so good, that people should want to find excuses to ditch their old car.

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Maybe I just don’t have the right sense of humor. I also hated the ad a few years ago that showed a father rushing down at night after everyone else in his family was asleep so he could indulge in the “good” brand ice cream pushing aside the “bad” ice cream he had given his family. I hated the ad, and still can’t ever buy that ice cream brand.

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i don’t think a sane and responsible person would actually go through with totaling their car in order to get a new one. and they don’t expect you to do so. The ad uses an extreme action in order to create humor to sell their automobiles. if you’ve ever been in an accident, you know that all of the paper work and waiting is not fun.

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What car is being advertised? I avoid all the products that are pushed on TV. And a good deal of the time, I can’t even tell what product is being advertised.

The only ad I get a kick out of, being prejudiced, is the PC guy vs. the Mac guy, altho that is also stereotyped.

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They are advertising Toyota. I will never be able to buy one. Lucky for me, I have a Honda—if I had a Toyota, I would be tempted to sell it.

And I do tend never to buy what I see advertised—that’s just because.

And don’t get me started about ads for medicines! but at least they are not suggesting grand larceny—just nagging doctors.

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Jeez, I just feel like a lot of people take these ads too seriously. Their goal is to sell a product. I saw that car commercial as funny. It didn’t make me wanna go out and buy a toyota, but I thought it was a decent commercial.

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That appalled you? Keep to the Disney channel or nickelodeon if Toyota’s attempt at humor appalls you.. Watch some Welch’s grape fruit juice commercials

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My thought is if they don’t like the Toyota they have why would they want a new one. Don’t like the add.

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@Fallstand; no cable here.* Tell me about Welch’s grapefruit juice ads.

*not much of anything here but rustic and pastoral land and cows.

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