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Do you like Jelly Fish?

Asked by btko (2816points) July 29th, 2008

I get freaked out by them if I am swimming… last time I was snorkeling was better.. they were only little rounded ones, but sometimes they are the big red uglies…

What are your experiences with the Jellies?

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I am so sad when I see them on the beach. They are so beautiful when floating.

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Here on Long Island it’s jellyfish season. I love to look at them, but can’t stand swimming alongside them. For the next two months my closest beach partners will be those little squishy things.

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yeah it is sad when they are on the beach, and they are beautiful when floating.. but I still swim the other way :)

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Nice too look at from afar.

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I live in San Antonio and I haven’t seen a jelly in some odd years, but the next time one of you sees one ask them if their name is Fluther.

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They’re pretty in pictures, but I don’t like them for real. And here’s why:
A few years ago I was at the beach with a friend and silly me hadn’t brought bathing suit – didn’t think it was that warm. Anyways, it was warm and sunny, so after a while, we wanted to go in the water. I went in in my shorts and top and happily splashed about in the waves for a bit, until I felt a strange bulge under my top, on my back… was a jellyfish!!
I was so freaked out I threw off the top and rand back up on the beach. Used all our drinking water to soothe the burning. Tried to see if the top was anywhere in sight, but no!
So, that’s why I don’t like the stinging little buggers up close. But they are nice to look at…

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They don’t make really great pets…

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They’re are the prime reason why I refuse to swim in anything that doesn’t have a tile, concrete, or plastic bottom… with some nice chlorinated/artificially salted water.

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@wf Thanks for the chuckle. The mental images were hilarious. What did you cover up with? beach towel?

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Heh….it was quite comical, just not at the time :)
It was in Denmark and I still had my bra, so I only got funny looks because of the screaming!

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I’m afraid of jelly fish :(

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@flameboi Surely not me? I promise never to sting you!

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Surely not you (I’d trust my kids to you if I were a dad)
I’m sure they would learn a lot from you :)

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haha good I like the answers.

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beautiful but deadly. i actually did an entire handmade monster series based on jellyfish…

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@loremandipsum I really like it! If you really get into fluther you should make a Dr J one!

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I agree. A mint green jelly. Hey, mint jelly.

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i dont like jelly fish…but i do like fluther =D

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Once when I was probably about four years old, I was at the beach and there were dozens of jellyfish washed up on it. My grandmother told me to be careful not to step on them because they would sting. I tried my best, but… I was four. You know how careful little kids actually are, even when they’re trying. So I wound up getting stung. It did not tickle. And so I still don’t like jellyfish.

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