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Has a human resources officer ever warned you away from a job?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24182points) May 23rd, 2016

When I was applying for a job at a 24 hours McDonald’s the manager had bloodshot eyes and was crying and told me not to continue trying to work at his location. Is that a bad sign of what?

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Yes a very bad sign.

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Yes, I’d say it is a bad sign, but of what? Why in the world would he be like that? I am confused. (sorry, that was no help)

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I can’t help but wonder what transpired to evoke this kind of reaction out of the manager.

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Possibly. Then again, it could be the opinion of one manager who isn’t cut out for their job. It’s not uncommon for a person to be promoted because they are simply good in their existing position.

It might be worth having a private chat with some of the other employees. If they imply that they aren’t given the tools, resources, and training to do their job well, then withdraw the application.

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Did they have bullet-proof glass all over the place or you found spent condoms and needles in the parking lot?

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They had a full seating full of senior citizens from the homeless shelter.

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At 6am. At another McDonald’s. They were all homeless indigenous. One asked me for money. I said no. All I had is a credit card.

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It might have been a tough McDonalds to work in, so the manager was at the end of their rope. But that is not a “Human Resources Officer”. HR people would not answer in that manner.

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