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What is your opinion of Gary Johnson?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) May 24th, 2016

I’m curious about something. First, how many people heard of him, and second, what people’s opinions are.

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Yes, I’ve heard of him. This is the second time he has run for president on the Libertarian ticket, and before that he was the (Republican) governor of New Mexico. My opinion of him is that he’s closer to actually being a libertarian than some of the party’s previous nominees, but he’s still better characterized as a Republican who thinks we should be allowed to smoke pot. He’s too invested in the private prison industry to be as concerned with civil liberties as he says he is (much like Ron Paul is too concerned with what happens in people’s bedrooms and doctor’s offices to be considered a proper civil libertarian).

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Many of his view are similar to my own but we differ on others. I would say he was a closer match to me than either Trump or Clinton. I may still vote for him given the opportunity.

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Last presidential election, he was the only candidate to show up on NPR. Got to like him for that.

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I looked at his positions, and decided not to vote for him because he wants to legalize marijuana.

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@filmfann Out of curiosity, why is marijuana your tipping point? I take it you’ll be voting against the marijuana legalization thing in California in November (I think I remember you living in California, but I could be wrong).

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I believe marijuana is a gateway drug, and is abused by many who, as a result, end up unmotivated, uninvolved, detached, and detriments to society.
I have watched a lot of smart people end up ruining or minimalizing their lives due to overuse.

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I agree with you but as you know legalization is big
I’m the far left as well

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