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Do you think I could give my jeans that faded look by lightly spraying the pockets and the thighs of my jeans with tan spray paint ?s?

Asked by jdogg (871points) July 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I tried the dye and it didn’t work as well as planned any suggestions appreciated!

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Paint on denim = mess. Diluted bleach (or washing them in a shallow river with a gravel bed many many times) is the only way. Or else buy them faded.

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I don’t know… sound kinda fail prone to me…

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also thanks everyone who spends countless hours on fluther answering questions

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*thank you

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what about the tan tint though

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jdogg: Face it. You are lumbered, or at least those jeans are.

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Sorry for the lack of vocab but what does that mean?

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It is a British word for “stuck,” “burdened,” or “up the creek,” as my father used to say…(“without a paddle” was understood and usually left out.)

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In the 80s, we used to wash our jeans in bleach, or rub them on something abrasive (but this also wears out the denim).

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oh I understand now

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The only other (unsatisfactory in my book) plan would be to spray some green spots on those jeans and call them camouflage pants.

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nice but I dont think that will work for me

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I wish there was a way u could “make ur own” jeans

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The coolest faded jeans are the ones that are faded by experience! Wear them and go out and have fun. No chemical treating or factory made look can beat it.

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Or, try a thrift store.

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You can make your own jeans but you need an industrial sewing machine to sew through the thicknesses of the fabric.

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You could always buy used jeans…and try not to spend every moment you wear them thinking about who had them last, and whether or not they invested in undergarments.
Or you could brush against a freshly-painted wall; that worked well for an expensive jacket I once had. Made it look years older and grubbier instantly.

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If you’re going to try paint, use fabric paint and a “dry brush” technique: remove almost ALL of the paint off the brush, then very lightly brush it on the jeans in areas that wear would be likely to occur. Any other kind of paint (unless combined with a special fabric medium) will be stiff and flake off.

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great idea augustlan

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Did you try using some diluted bleach? I’ve successfully faded my jeans in various degrees before by using different proportions of bleach:water. Just make sure you have something to test on first, to see if you like the color the bleach gets you. And start out with less bleach than you think you need and add it slowly. You can spray it, paint it, drip it, or soak it.

Good luck.

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