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Why do we have beds?

Asked by invisiblesplosions (70points) July 30th, 2008

What’s the point of having mattresses so far away from the ground? When did this come about?

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I would assume bed bugs and such pests. Also, it is more comfortable. A mattress w/ box springs on the floor just doesn’t feel the same….

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to put stuff under!

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Bugs. Air flow through the matress prevents moisture from forming mold, odors. Porno mag hiding space.

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Don’t forget a place for the Boogie man to hide. :)

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For Babo to hide!

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In addition to the answers so far, I like being able to get out of bed and already be standing than have to stand up from the ground to get out of bed.

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Also much easier to get in and out of a raised bed (think old folks).

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Think Gail’s knee – or was that an Eric Rohmer film?

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Because we can. Some people choose to sleep on the floor. If you want to, I say go for it.

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I used to have a floor level bed, it was actually kind of nice. It’s cooler down by the floor. But it sucks waking up and having to exert serious effort in order to stand.

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My second answer:
We have beds so that we can flop down in them, snuggle in some blankets, scrunch up a pillow, and NAP!

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I suspect raised bed were originally to keep the rats out!

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Like ezraglenn said, having a bed on the floor is colder. Heat rises. And (like Harp said), it is way more comfortable (and safer) to jump in a bed that is above knee level.

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To sleep comfortably on. Great you can have the hard insect creeping floor. I’ll gladly take my nice cozy bed.

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