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Shouldn't there be a FireFox Add-on for Fluther?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) July 30th, 2008

I think so and it would be so much easier!!!

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I would use it.

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I don’t see any functionality that would make sense in an extension, but I’m sure someone will make one eventually anyway.

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I would love a blackberry one.

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@gashgai Who wouldn’t???

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iphone users maybe?

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They make a version in the App Store I think That is how I found out about Fluther browsing through Web Apps!

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what would this Fluther Firefox Add-on do? i’m trying to figure out what I would need it for. unless we’re talking about searching or asking a question from a toolbar. I’m not sure I would use it. it’s just as easy to keep a tab of Fluther open 24 hrs a day. and we’ve got ability to see RSS feeds built into firefox.

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Nah. Browser extensions are typically garbage, and also, if you use Firefox’s address bar, you can just type in “Fluther” and it’ll bring you to the site.

Unless striking 8 keys (fluther + enter) is too arduous for you, I say Firefox and Fluther are pretty okay as is. I even use Fluther on the iPod, and it works pretty alright.

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Fluther does not have an app in the app store. They coded a web app that makes the site much easier to view from an iPhone.

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Yes! It would be very neat!

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Someone explain what this add on will do?It seems completely useless to me.

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@Eambos: Most apps link to web apps anyway. Besides, if you’ve the latest update to the iPod or if you have yours jailbroken you can also place bookmarks on your desktop. Then it’s a one-touch trip to fluther.

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no, it would just complicate my already weighed down firefox. i wouldn’t use it and would probably just get in the way…

also, what would it do?

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UMMMMM Yeah…. and you are just asking NOW….

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