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I basically don't like wine but I love Asti. Do you like it?

Asked by Aster (19949points) July 5th, 2016

Asti tastes similar to ginger ale. It’s hard for me to find it at the grocery store. Do you drink it? I think it’s great.

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I don’t much like it as it is too sweet for me but I do like wine, so I guess our tastes differ. I like prosecco but it is dry as the name suggests.

Have you tried pear cider? This is a rebrand of what was known as Perry and is the basis of Babycham. It’s sweeter and lighter tasting than apple cider but is quite strong in alcohol, unlike Asti

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Asti is very easy to drink, lots of bubbles and slips down easy. I used to drink it whenI was younger, it was the only alcohol my mother could drink without being ill, and even then she could only drink one glass. So all the more for me. May have to get a bottle now.

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I like Champagne, one of my favorites. Try mixing a nice Champagne with raspberry juice and a twist of lime, delicious, and I invented it. ¾ths Champagne, ⅓rd Raspberry Juice and a twist of lime.

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@Coloma Champagne is delicious, and raspberry is my favourite fruit, just might try that.

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