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The boss in the public works department didn’t know it was a local landmark, and di what he is supposed to do, fix odd curbs and sidewalks.

In that part of California, it could easily have been caused by earth movement from mudslides, not just the fault.. Most Californians aren’t as aware of where the major faults lie.

The University of California made a similar repair at Memorial Stadium when it was remodeled a few years ago. The same fault as in the picture runs through the goal posts, and the stairs up the stadium in line with the goals had the railings out of line.

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Kinda like the water and sewage department will never repair a line unless the road and bridges department first repaves the road so they can tear up the new overlay.

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It’s not marked in any way.
No one wrote a memo or made a record about protecting it.

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The question is, “Whose fault was it?”
The answer is “It’s Hayword’s fault.”

Ha ha ha!

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I just looked at the article and picture. That was a court case waiting to happen. Can you imagine if a bicyclist hit it? Or a pedestrian? Or even a turning car? It would be a disaster.
They did the right thing.
Photograph it, call that the new zero, and let the geologists continue to measure it over the next few decades.

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With all it’s faults, I’ll take L.A. Crummy version, but apparently the only one on youtube.

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