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How to stop harassing phone calls from Las Vegas number?

Asked by batman86 (10points) July 11th, 2016

I kept getting calls from a number in Las Vegas (sometimes twice a day) so I blocked the number. Then they called from a different Las Vegas number and I blocked it. I’ve probably blocked at least four Las Vegas numbers now, but they keep calling with a new number. When I answered the first few times, no one is on the other line, it is dead silent. When I call back, it says the number is not in service.

How do I stop this without changing my number?

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Are you on the “Do Not Call” registry? If so, you can report them.

Also, check the number on line, see what other people are doing or what they know the number is. It will help you track them down.

By the way, do you have any bill collectors after you?

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Go to and enter the info for each call. Never call them back. That indicates to them there is a person (you) on the other end.

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Are these coming in on your cell phone or house phone?

If it’s an Android cell phone, there are various call block apps that you can install. Then you enter the number(s) and those calls never get to you. I don’t know about iPhones.

If it is a house phone using VOIP, try NOMOROBO as a service. go to their web site.

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These are “robo calls”, do what ^ @elbanditoroso said.

Have you recently signed up for a contest at a retailer? or have you requested “high roller” status from a travel agency?

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Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t know. If they leave you a message, and it was a real person, and you want to respond, then call back. Not before. This is how people find good working numbers. If you answer, it’s a yes. There is a lot of money in selling names/addresses/phone numbers/email addresses to marketers. Basic Telephone 101.

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No bill collectors are after me. When I look online, people say the same thing and nothing helpful. There is never any other person on the other line, it was always silent. I have since stopped answering the calls for the past 5 times. The call almost every day, but I think they are slowing down since I haven’t been answering. They are calling in on my cell (iPhone). I block each number they call from, but they keep coming up with new numbers to call me at.

Haven’t signed up for anything anywhere…...except as a trainer for pokemon go lol

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One slightly paranoid hypothesis would be someone with a rather high security clearance may be tracking your whereabouts by using the phone grid.

Did you ever give Homeland Security any reason to worry about you???

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Continue to block the caller but keep a log of the numbers and the times they call. Most cellphones will do that automatically. Turn them in to the BBB and to you cellphone carrier and request a new cell number. I did just that. I had over 200 “No one there” phone calls. Found out it was a collection company calling a person who gave them a bogus number and it just so happened to be mine.. Lucky me.
I got a new cell number and did “not” put it onFacebook and the phone calls have pleasantly stopped!!❤️

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Keep blocking them and never answer unknown numbers. If it’s important, they’ll leave a message. By answering these calls, this indicates to the caller that your number is valid. I have been ignoring all unknown numbers and rarely get these calls anymore. If you change your number they can simply find you again.

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