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DB Cooper gets away with it after all! How do you feel about the FBI finally giving up on catching him?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28840points) July 12th, 2016

This was one of the more interesting hijackings that took place in the early 1970s. (and there were many at that time)


He is said to have jumped off the tail steps of a 727 jet, parachuted some place in Oregon, and absconded with the money. Movies have been made, books have been written, but never a conclusive end to the story.

Now the FBI has decided to quite looking for him, 46 years later.

Will we ever know what really happened to DB Cooper?

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Probably not, but he is certainly a cult figure.

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Some hiker will probably find his skeletal remains entangled in a tree in the middle of nowhere.
From what I know of this tale, experts mostly agree, that it was unlikely for someone to survive the jump, because of speed and altitude. There’s a reason why there aren’t parashutes on big jets, like there are lifeboats on an ocean liner.
I’m glad the case is closed. Who knows how much money and resources were ultimately wasted on his attempted apprehension. Still an interesting story though. I liken it to the guys that escaped Alcatraz. I hope they made it, but the probably drowned or got eaten by a great white. Again, there was a reason they put that jail where it is. Heavy waves, wind, weather, and shark infested waters made swimming away a treacherous endeavor, unlikely to succeed.

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It’s possible he is still alive, in his mid-80’s or so, based on witness description, or, he died in the wilderness somewhere remote and has never been found.
A stash of cash, $ 5, 800 in $20.00 bills with serial numbers matching those of the ransom monies were discovered in 1980 along the Columbia river by some kids. Just deepens the mystery. However, if he were still alive it seems he would have recovered his cache of cash from it’s burial spot.

It’s not like he was a serial killer or war criminal, I have no problem with the FBI letting him go, odds are he is gone anyway. haha

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I actively thought through a variant on his hijacking, back when I used to do a lot of backpacking in the Sierra Nevada. There were parts of the Wilderness I knew as well as my hometown, and figured if I parachuted in there, I could avoid capture.

I remember the night he hijacked the plane, up late watching the news, and wondering if everyone would be okay. And then the next day, he was gone!

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He took off In his space ship for alpha centary.

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(Alpha Centauri). It’s our closet star (system.) It’s 4.5 light years away.

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He took off In his space ship for Alpha Centauri.

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I’ll bet fiddy bucks he dies before he gets there….

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The plane was flying south when he jumped and some of the money was found along the north side of the Columbia. I think he became the ideal application of Johnston’s Law. The odds were fairly long that he would end up in the river, but, there it is. And the river is quite wide at that point.

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The FBI is too busy, doing damage control, or should I say saving face while prosecuting no one.

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