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For people that lose their temper quickly, is that a sign of low intelligence?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19396points) July 17th, 2016

As asked.

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Not to judge by the number of really smart hotheads I’ve known.

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No. Sometimes just the opposite. Some very smart people do not suffer fools gladly; they can get downright nasty.

I knew one guy who is very smart,a Ph.D. in molecular biology, who would blow up at his wife (who was pretty smart herself), yelling, “how can you be so stupid?”

It’s really just a sign of emotional immaturity and sometimes deep psychological problems.

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Depends upon what type of intelligence your speaking of. There’s book smarts and then there’s EQ (Emotional Intelligencr).

Studies have shown that high EQ is a better predictive factor for success in life. One of the characteristics of high EQ is the ability to delay gratification.

Obviously someone who pops off in anger frequently has not developed this simple skill.

They could be quite booksmart and even have advanced educational degrees, but one could question their success at life and happiness in general.

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Intelligent people can have personality disorders, too.

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No. Neither is it a sign of personality disorders, mental illnesses, bad parenting, or any number of similar theories. The question reads: ” For people that lose their temper quickly, is that a sign of low intelligence?”. That’s it. No more. No murderous rage, no wild hysteria.
Those things I mentioned above may factor into it sometimes, but mostly people who lose their tempers quickly are just quick-tempered.
People who take a long time to build up to a loss of temper are also normal.

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My husband tends to be quick tempered. I’ve managed to temper (ha ha) the habit over the years so that he’ll stop and think for a second about if this is something that he really needs to be angry about. As a result, he doesn’t get off-the-cuff, impulsively angry so often any more. IMO, it’s simply learned behavior, from childhood.

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LOL so you’re asking testy people if they’re dumb?

I’d say in general it is about unprocessed emotions rather than intelligence.

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Could be a sign of a lot of things, including severe stress, or emergency caring.

If a friend calls me for a ride… right after I got my car stolen… I’d probably be pretty temperamental with them.

If… after politely telling the children dozens of times not to play between parked cars, and I catch them doing it, I’ll probably be pretty temperamental with them, understanding that anger can often be the catalyst needed to sink an idea into someone else’s head permanently.

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No, not necessarily. Stress and anxiety can also play a huge role. I know that when my anxiety is particularly bad, I have a tendency to get angry much faster/easier.

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But-but wouldn’t an intelligent person be able to keep their temper in check better than a stupid person?

But I do see where stress and anxiety do play a role in it as well.

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I think of it as lack of self control, not necessarily lack of intelligence. I worked with many extremely smart people in my newspaper and advertising careers who lost their tempers regularly.

Interesting… both those businesses are high-pressure, emotion-producing, deadline-oriented.

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No. Only low tolerance and lack of self control and patience.

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I’m not stupid and I have a really short fuse.

“The surest way to piss me off is to _try. It’s my nature and if you’re going to work at it, why should I deny you the pleasure?“_

I also have little tolerance for stupidity, defined as “not applying common knowledge”.
As opposed to ignorance, or, lack of knowledge.

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No, anger is a trait of frustration, not that it is the only trait. People hurl insults or pop off at people when unmet expectations happen, or unplanned setbacks, which can lead to unmet expectations. For example a man comes home after a grueling commute, he is tired and hungry and ben thinking about relaxing and a nice hot meal when he gets home, only to discover it is not there, his wife for some reason (doesn’t matter much short of a death in the family) had not made it. His expectation or desire is now toast, so he gets mad and yells at her. Or the wife who tells her husband to take out the trash, he says he will then 2 days later when there is no more room for trash she lashes out at him because the trash did not go out when she expected. People who cannot handle unmet expectations sometimes pop off, or they stuff it and become passive aggressive.

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It’s related to emotional intelligence because people haven’t learned more effective ways to manage their frustration. It can be connected to communication skills too, in that some people can’t express themselves well.

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I have an extremely short temper. I’m good at not blowing up at people (much), but if I get really quiet very suddenly, I’m close to critical mass. If you see tears, back off or face the consequences.

I’ll let you determine my relative intelligence level.

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I very rarely lose my temper at all & once in a spotty pink moon will I absolutely blow my stack
I’m just not wired that way, always positive with a child like sense of fun & adventure
That’s not to say that I can’t or don’t stand up for myself if i’m feeling wronged, but i’ll do it in a self controlled way. However, if you mess with my kids i’m going to rip your head off & shit down your neck & then kick back with a coffee while watching a pixar movie.

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Like @Seek, if I suddenly fall silent, you may be playing with fire.
If I’m expounding upon a topic, you’re good, regardless of my tone or gestures.

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No, I’d say it is a sign of lack of self control. Lots of people have very bad tempers. Some of them are very intelligent, some of them are of average intelligence, some of them are not very intelligent. Some of them are Donald Trump.

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LOL! Hear hear!

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Eye dunt no, butt I get made a lot.
Mam sez its cuz a my har dont gro rite.
Hell, mi har aint even red!

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