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Can you help me track down a documentary I saw not long ago that discussed dressage horses?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42477points) July 18th, 2016

I want to say it was a 60 Minutes documentary, because I always watch 60 minutes, without fail on Sundays.

However….it could be a Nature or Nova episode because I watch those without fail every Wednesday.

It mostly discussed white Friesian horses specifically, on this one particular breeding farm, although other kinds of horses can be dressage horses. It was filmed in England, I think.

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I just googled it and it seems there was a National Geographic one on Fresian horses.

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Could be Nat G. Do you still have the link up?

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Thanks. I’m watching the whole thing, and it’s really interesting. But it’s not the one I’m trying to find. The one I’m looking for focused mainly on the dressage aspect ~ The raising, training, breeding of the horses. The majority of them were white.

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I think I found it….I think it’s the “watch the full length episode here” under this video.

But when I click on it I get this. :(

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White horses are usually Lippizzan stallions.

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^^^ Right. And I think I found it, I just can’t play it. Pretty sure it’s the same as your link above. Can’t play it. Says it’s not available in my area. (Kansas sucks sometimes!)

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There’s a doc called “Airs Above the Ground”. It’s a full length film all about the Lippizaner horses.

60 minutes also did a shorter piece about their training and history.

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Oh oh! I found one I can play!. Yes, that’s it. I’m sure.

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Thank you guys!

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Yes. That’s the one I saw. And it was filmed in Austria since that’s where they’re located.

The History of how and why they are there is quite fascinating.

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Here is part 1 of 5 of a documentary hosted by Martin Clunes called Heavy Horsepower that I think might have talked about those kinds of horses and dressage. It was a British made documentary, but he talks about horses all around the world.

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Thanks. I found the video in question, actually, but I’ll book mark yours @Kardamom.

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@Dutchess..I have seen that nature video, yes. The horses are well cared for but the discipline is still very rigorous and unnatural for them to perform and physically demanding and often results in injury and lameness and navicular damage.

Yes, the Lippizane stallions are famous at the spanish riding school in Vienna. Freisan horses are always black, Lippanzans are mostly white ( really they are grey ) in maturity but are born bay or black. The rare bay or black in maturity is considered good luck symbol.
Many people don’t know that the ‘Airs above the ground” are a dangerous war time maneuver where the horses were trained to leap into the air and strike out with their hooves, a very unnatural move as is all of dressage which originated as severe war horse training maneuvers, not for the beauty it is afforded today but for the necessity of an extremely agile and well trained mount. It may look pretty but it is a very hard discipline and hard on the horses physically.

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