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Is the lesson here "always finish eating your food"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26369points) July 22nd, 2016


A robber is caught in SW Michigan based partially on DNA harvested from a half eaten burger he tossed out the window.

Which lesson is the more apt for potential future thieves?

1) finish your food ?


2) don’t litter ?

Had he not done either of those, the thief might still be at large….who ever said criminals were smart?

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The best lesson (if you want to be a criminal) is “don’t eat or drink while committing a crime”.

And don’t hock a loogey either.

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Don’t litter.

You shouldn’t be afraid to stop eating when you are full.

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The law almost always get their man. The lesson is, if you are wanted for some felonious behavior be smart enough to know that a detective is probably trailing you. Finish your food, drink and…don’t leave a littered DNA trail. haha

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@zenvelo has it. When we were robbed, the burglar left a half-eaten slice of American cheese. The cops never did DNA.

In ‘this’; case, a murderer was caught because he left a partially eaten slice of pizza

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When we were robbed, the cops declined to even run fingerprints unless we reported to the sheriff’s office and gave our prints first.
Our house has been entered illegally twice, and the police have done exactly nothing.

We caught the thieves at the auction house on camera, and after dither and debate the cops finally reckoned that they might issue a warrant for the felons that they knew by name.
So far it’s been a month, 6 weeks.
We had to buy a flash drive, and make a copy of the video for the cops to keep.

The lesson would appear to me to be, “Get in the car and take your felonious activity to Illinois.

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I think it depends on the intended victim—are they “important” enough for the law to warrant the cost of the DNA analysis. Break into my house? Go ahead and eat all my food and leave DNA everywhere since I’m not “important” enough to the law enforcement. They would just tsk tsk. Break into a store where the owner’s brother’s wife’s cousin is in the state legislature? Bad idea.

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