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What are some online communities you hang out in?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) July 31st, 2008

IRC rooms, forums, sites like this, &c. Maybe even online games you like to play—if there is a community there. Where do you like to sit about on the internet and why do you like it there?

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Fluther is it for me. I have never found anything else that consistently holds my interest.

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@Marina: I agree. I was briefly interested in Yay Hooray, but everyone there is mental.

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fluther and muselive.
I love muse and its by far the best fan site.

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Fluther, and – a social/geek movie BB. I moderate over there.

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Fluther takes more than enough of my time…can’t really afford to “hang out” anywhere else.

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I’m usually on #python, #django and #ubuntu-motu, but not really by choice. =)

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A couple servers on team fortress 2 and made some good friends on one server in counter strike source. had some good times. still talk to em from time to time.

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Fluther, I just keep learning stuff, met smart (and funny) people and I feel I can help (sort of) :)

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To answer my own question, I like hanging out in here and in #xkcd (though recently #xkcd has been unreasonably crowded and I hang out more in some of it’s splinter channels).

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I run a chat room through deviantART’s chat room system dAmn (deviantART Messaging Network) called WebDevelopment in which I have a number of good friends in there, we’ve all been there for over a year now and it’s good for a laugh, for learning, help, talk etc. although I’m really keen to move it to an IRC server personally because dAmn is a bit restrictive in terms of who can visit it (i.e. you have to sign up to dA etc.). Besides there and Fluther I find it hard to find time for much else. I used to frequent proboards communities but that phase died a year or two ago.

IRC chats I generally just visit #ubuntu, #gentoo, #fedora, #herrie, #DaniWeb (a forum I signed up to but I rarely visit unless I need VB .net help) but I rarely talk in any of them, mainly for quick help access ;) (plus I support herrie but I don’t/can’t use it technically)

I’ve recently signed up to a linux mailing list, the main Linux mailing list for North Wales which is where I live so it seemed a good route to go, but once again, mainly for help and support.

Finally gaming wise I visit Napalm Riot quite a bit (I joined as an alpha tester last year) and I do frequent their IRC chat on freenode. Actual in games I tend to visit UKCS servers (The Cookie Monster |UKCS| for anyone interested) on Steam games (CS:S and TF2) and I tend to (for some weird reason) end up visiting German servers (I have little knowledge of their language), I guess they tend to be friendly and I get low pings haha (mainly for DoD:S and HL2:DM).

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Previously i was a part of a social network called Floort. Instead of a question to begininng a thread, members stated an opionion. I wasn’t too comfortable with the other members’ responses and disagreed with them a lot. I joined Fluther a few weeks ago and am hooked but i rarely go back to Floort now.

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Fluther, definitely, it is a great break, or even lunch at work. That is it, though.

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