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Did you ever have symptoms that disappeared?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17704points) July 27th, 2016

I used to have headaches like Psyduck. I held my head from stress. Now it’s mostly gone.

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I had a pain in my left shoulder and a pain in my back, about waist high and to the left. Both traveled down the adjacent limb and left my body. For instance I had weak shoulder, then weak elbow, then weak wrist, and finally weak hand. Then the pain disappeared. Over months.

True story.
The only thing I can think of is that I have scoliosis – curvature of the spine – and there was a compressed nerve, As the compression increased, the pain traveled.

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Human body is a complex and confusing thing. I had severe fatigue that was making my question my health a few weeks ago, while I was unemployed. I started my new job and poof! it disappeared. It’s amazing the physiological symptoms that the mind can create.

Back when I had severe GI issues I used to have mental issues alongside my flare ups. Confusion to the point of needing to focus as hard as I could just to understand what people were saying to me and make a coherent response. We never did anything to specifically address my brain during those times, but once my GI issues cleared up my head went back to normal too. One problem can have far-reaching effects on seemingly unrelated systems.

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I use to have “thinning hair” now I have none. ;>)

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I had a knee problem and went to the free clinic. It was a first serve thing so people would camp out all night to see a doctor.

So I went around two A.M. and just fell asleep on the sidewalk. I was the second in line. So the morning rolls around and the guy that was first asked me for a smoke. I comply and a handshake. Some idle chatter and I say I have a inflamed knee….... Then this shithead, who I had shook his hand after giving him a smoke said he was there for scabies.

Weeks of every itch or tickle thinking I had it. At the time I was 17 and living at my girlfriend’s parents house. I just slept in the backyard to not scabies the house.

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Awhile back I had pain in my groin area where your hip attaches to your abdominal zone and feared I might have a hernia. I do a lot of bending and lifting with horses and other ranchy/farmy stuff. Loading and pushing a hay wagon, dumping and filling water tubs etc. I just kept an eye on it, no bulging, and the pain went away after about 10 days. Must have just pulled a muscle.

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I have a problem with the front of both knees; right below the kneecap. It comes and goes. I tried to get my doc to take a look at it several timest but by the time the appointment comes it is no longer an issue and I cannot adequately describe it.

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