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Where can I find a good resourse on average non-profit pay scales?

Asked by evander (465points) November 11th, 2006
I am applying for a job that requires I state my salary requirements in the cover letter. I am very flexible but I don't want to grossly under or over-state my salary requirements. The job is located in North Carolina, but a general scale would be fine as I can convert using a cost of living calculator.
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there is a publication called "the wage and benefits survey" published in northern CA every year. it focuses on nonprofits only.
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Salary Information 2004 California nonprofit salary survey National salary surveys and information for the nonprofit sector
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go to and search for nonprofits in your state.. you'll find all the openings there... by looking at all of the job listings, you'll have a good idea for a salary range. it really all depends on your skills and background... the executive director of red cross could be making hundreds of thousands of dollars while americorp volunteers make....
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I'd recommend This has comprehensive information on nonprofit salaries for cities throughout the US.
figbash's avatar has come a LONG way since it's inception. Salary info stats on labor boards can be hard to weed through and job descriptions can be hard to come by. Take a look:

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