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Do you know of any company undertaking amazing things lately?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28968points) July 30th, 2012

I just saw a documentary on how people in Boeing came up with a never before used material in big passenger plane building to construct their newest plane, the Dreamliner. It was made not from aluminum but carbon fiber. It was inspiring to behold, a company gambling on such a risky innovation and succeeding with creating a functional, possibly superior commercial airliner for the coming decades.

Have you heard of any company, big or small accomplishing something great and good not only for business reasons but advances the way humans live in this wonderful world of ours-?

It doesn’t have to be technical in nature…

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Qualcomm is a company that is constantly coming up with technology advancements. Here is a list of their current projects.

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There are lots of companies that foster that kind of innovation, or did in the past. Hewlett Packard used to have research and invention staff in a separate building in Palo Alto. Bell Labs used to have that kind of staff; they invented the transistor and fiber optics.

Google allows each employee to spend time on a private project, lots of their innovations have come out of that.

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Bloom Energy is said to be making fuel cell technology that would be cost effective for homes and businesses.

If so, that would be amazing. They already have large installations at eBay and Google that apparently work well and save the companies quite a bit in electric costs.

I keep waiting for more details to come out, they have some installations, and say they are working to bring costs down, but seem to just keep smiling when people ask questions and saying they’ll answer those questions when the time is right.

More on the company and products

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SpaceX has ambitions of flying back sections of their rocket, instead of dropping them into the sea. Go to their website for the animation of how they want to do it.

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Lytro is making light field cameras.
The resulting data can be rendered into images that are focused at any distance in the field of view.
RaspberryPi have produced a complete linux computer for educational purposes for less than 40$.
Intel are making 3-D transistors, that should enable packing even more power into a CPU &/or even lower power processors.
It is a golden age for gadget-heads !!

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Watch TED Talks and you will see some amazing things from many amazing different companies.

Actually, don’t watch, you might become addicted :)

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