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How would you describe an emotional fool?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) August 11th, 2016

In what circumstances is it more likely to become one?

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Apparently, and if I can believe my television – which is a requirement for living in America these days, of course – this happens when one needs a Snickers™. Fortunately for all of us, I have never been so desperate.

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Someone having a low EQ, emotional quotient.
Hypersensitive, drama queen/king types, those that attach too quickly in relationship, poor emotional control, prone to temper outbursts, no filter, says whatever comes to mind in the moment with no forethought. One that takes their crappy moods out on others. These are traits I avoid like the plague in others.

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@coloma – you’re right but some can be good at heart too..just don’t understand if someone is playing with their emotions.

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@imrainmaker Of course, I am not saying emotional fools are evil, but, for me, regardless of their good qualities I still run from overly emotional drama queen types. haha

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I’m a fool for emotional foods!

An emotional fool could be an emotool.

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I need go no further than the nearest mirror.

I am getting old and soft. I sometimes get moist eyed watch commercials.

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@filmfann, after that ^ I’m an emotional fool for you!

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We’re all suckers. All of us suspend rational behavior for emotional reasons, otherwise the birthrate in the nation would hover near zero, the greeting card and flower industries would collapse, and panhandling would vanish. Apparently, no one is immune. I remember opening a newspaper a decade ago to a photo of an 82 year old Henry Kissinger purportedly on a “fling” with a 32 year old woman.

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