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What makes you cry?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) October 25th, 2008

A good movie or tv show? An injured animal? Do you cry easily? Is there such a thing as ‘a good cry’? Do you feel better after crying? Just curious. I don’t cry often…animal things make me cry. And, like a lot of woman, I cry when I’m really pissed off!!! Why do ppl make other ppl cry?

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Certain songs make me cry. And the news.

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Thinking about my Father, who died in front of me in 1994.
Thinking of how far away my daughter lives, and how long it’s been since I’ve seen her.

A couple of movies, ie: Steele magnolias and The Notebook.
Getting really pissed off. If I get mad enough to have tears, you’d better just stay out of my way!

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Animal cruelty always makes me cry. Just this week an idiot was arrested for cutting off a dogs ears to make it look like a pit bull. He used a knife, no anesthesia. I hope to run into him in a dark alley….

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The first time a movie made me cry: A Perfect Dream.
The first time people made me cry: calling me “shorty” in grade school.
The first time my mom made me cry: oh wait, that happened so much I can’t even remember anymore.
The last time I cried: when my boyfriend was being a careless jerk and didn’t care about how I felt when another girl was ripping into me verbally.


I’m a crybaby, mostly. I’m sensitive; I know I’m sensitive; and I always try my best to see it reasonably… but I’m not perfect.

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movies about animals always make me cry. i don’t usually watch them because i know i’ll be a babbling mess. the yearling, lassie, free willie, you name it.

when my pets have died, it made me cry and very sad.

thinking about my daughter’s father, who is deceased, makes me cry (when i’m alone).

sometimes when i’m happy, like when my daughter does something great, it makes my eyes wet.

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I’m with AP!
Ya, when I am good and pissed off, I cry.
Cried the other night watching a report about returning soldier amputees. Seems they don’t tend to go out and socialize much. Some veteran organized this monthly dinner for them to all come together. The positive attitudes of these guys, (whose government has basically abandoned them) was something to see.
Cried yesterday when I found out my husband has to leave for the midwest NEXT WEEK for his new job.
Oh dear, I just realized I could do this for awhile. I am a big damn CRYBABY! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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I rarely cry, but This American Life consistently makes me tear up for fleeting moments.

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My broken heart and the movie The Straight Story.

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When I’m inserting my contact lenses ;-)

Seriously, I haven’t cried for a long time, but when I do, it’s most likely to do with something happening to a relative of me or perhaps something life-changing happening to myself.

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Listening to the news and there is something about what someone did their child or someone else’s child. That does me in. People around me doing horrible things to each other also makes me cry. When I feel badly, for whatever reason, a “good cry” can help me let it out, and afterward I feel more relaxed.

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I cried with relief when husband came out of surgery yesterday and the surgery was successful.

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lurve to you, basp. Glad everything is ok.

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The movies Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows make me cry. The death of loved ones makes me cry too.

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Usually, unresolvable frustration or blatant unfairness is what finally pushes me to cry.

And two weird things make me bawl like crazy; when I see happy, three-legged dogs running, and when people sing the Happy Birthday song to me.

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Losing loved ones is hard for me and that always makes me cry.

@buster – when I read the book and watched the movie ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’, when I was younger, that made me cry also.

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Everything makes me cry. Im a fucking cry baby and sometimes i cant stand it! haha… of course any type of animal cruelty, greys anatomys always makes me cry..and those touching cheesy tv shows, losing the loves of my life, sad songs, the thought of losing my grandparents, etc.

Maybe I will grow a backbone one of these days..

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onions, obviously.

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The thought of my kids (both young adults) being in physical or mental pain.
The song “outward Bound” by Tom Paxton – makes me think of my father and friends who have died.
The song “Philadelphia” by Bruce Springsteen.
Animals whose migratory paths or environments have been screwed up by the activities of humans so they are endangered and dying – like the polar bears, whales, etc.
Racism, cruelty and misunderstanding.

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Just about every-damn-thing. My tears are ready to pop out at the drop of a hat. Happy or sad, and especially mad, I’m gonna’ cry.

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I cry easily for films and songs; I also well up when my son does something that makes me proud, or when I stop to think about how truly fortunate I am to be where I am in life despite the hardships I’ve faced.

I used to cry easily when angry or frustrated, but I rarely experience intense negative emotions anymore… even when my beau and I are on the outs.

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A swift punch in the crotch…
On a more serious note the song “Danny Boy” it was played at my Grandfathers Funeral and it gets me every-time.

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The song Ave Maria always makes me tear up. So does a good version of Amazing Grace. I also love hearing The Litany of the Saints in church on All Saints’ Day.

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The past.

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Ave Maria does it for me. It was played at my mom’s funeral.

Also ‘the little drummer boy’ because it was played at one of my daughter’s friends funerals; he was only 10.

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Omigosh! These are great answers. You guys almost made me cry!
@basp, thats wonderful, I am sure you are so relieved!
@fig, thats awesome!
@jan Philadelphia, me too!
@august, me too!
@asmonet, me too!

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Oh yeah, and babies. Anything on tv with babies crying or the adults crying over the babies…and I am a goner.

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Many things:
The pound, when I can tell an animal is being abused, when I see people with down syndrome (they are just so happy and clueless to all the ugliness of the world), when my heart feels broken, when I think of my parents growing old and eventually dieing, when I am so overwhelmed that I feel like my hands are tied and I can’t do anything about it, when my hormones are all out of whack, when I hear Celine Dion’s song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (every stinkin’ time), certain movies, and when I know someone I care about is being or has been abused.
Ok, now I’m going to cry…Where’s the tissue box?

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Injustice always makes me cry and I never cry “appropriately.” I have cried in bosses office, on the telephone because of poor customer service, and in defense of my children. I usually feel really stupid. Why can’t I just cry at weddings and funerals like everyone else??

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David Duchovny did the VoiceOver for an ASPCA (or similar) commercial… it shows a doggy in the pound with sad eyes, and he says, “I’m a good dog…”
—it gets me every time!! If I see it coming, I’ll quickly change channels.

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That one gets to me, too, hearkat.

I can’t stand it when animals and small children can’t understand why they are in a painful situation.

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Most recently: The Secret Life of Bees.
My friend and I went to see it last night and both of us got a bit teary at some of the parts.

Similar to hearkats response – the animal resuce commercial with Sarah McLauchlan (sp?).

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@allie- You should read the book if you haven’t already. It’s wonderful!

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When I am really passionate about something I can get really emotional, and sometimes will cry. Even if I am angry I still get so rived up it makes me cry. I get angry about the people in our world a lot and the way we treat each other, and the stupid meaningless things that we do. It is hard for me to except that people are capable of cruel selfish acts. I can not stand that there are people and countries out there killing one another including innocent children.

I get angry when I realize I am just as much as a hypocrite as the people around me. We all say we care, and want to make things better. Things will reach out and touch us but we will forget about them a week later and resume our normal lives. Very few of us act on the impulses we have to make things better. We are all capable of doing our part, but we have become to lazy to do it. We are always looking for an easier way out, always thinking we are worse off then the person next to us. These are things that make me cry, because I just bottle it all up until I can not anymore.

I cry about my sister, and the fact I can not save her from the life my step dad has given her. I cry for my mother because of how proud I am of her, for finally turning her life around for real. For finally being able to love herself and take care of herself, and not rely on others. I cry when I think about how meaningless things seem sometimes. Like why are we here and where are we going and why?

I am afraid you have all caught me at an emotional state, and hope you do not mind the rant. But the question was “What makes you cry?” so I answered it. I cry about normal things too, I cry during sad movies, or when I get hurt, I cry when I lose someone close to me. I believe crying is good for you, it gets all the negative out. Which makes me wonder why I hold it in so much.

Ok I am done now.

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@Trance. I think your answer (and definitely not a rant) is excellent.

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@Bluefreedom Thank you I appreciate that.

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Omigosh! Trance, that was the best answer, lurve, lurve, lurve!

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I didn’t cry very often before I had my son, but now I’m a pansy! I cry when I watch movies, TV shows, read books… Sometimes I just look at my son and get all teary-eyed when I think about how much I love him… I was never like this until I became a mommy though… Strangest thing. I do feel better sometimes after I cry. My best friend and I will get together every so often and watch movies like Pearl Harbor just to MAKE ourselves cry. Always feel better afterwords. Strange, I know.

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@krose…..Crying like you described in your answer doesn’t make you a pansy. It makes you human and it means you’re just as normal as the rest of us and probably more so than some others. :o)

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@blue Thanks. :) That makes me feel a little better.

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memories of my dad make me sad. and songs by Red Sovine will bring a tear.

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my kids.

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My folks died when I was 20 and I cry when I miss the family I used to have. I cry when I wish I could ask my dad’s advice, or when I’m sick and wish my mom could call me. I cry when I think of my brother, and how brave he is (he was only 16). I cry when I feel left out of my new family, and can’t explain it very well. I cry for my dads’ best friend and my mom’s twin sister, who are obviously in a different kind of pain I can’t understand.

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@nocountry: I’m sorry for your loss.

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@nocountry…thoughts/prayers are with you. stay strong

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@nocountry-so so very sorry.

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Thanks guys…it happened awhile ago (8 years) but it still makes me cry. Generally I’m a very happy, optimistic person, but this is just some of the stuff I cry about. It’s good to hear that other people cry, too…makes me feel normal :)

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I’m partial to very touching music. For example, “I grieve” by Peter Gabriel is such a sad song that I can’t help but tear-up when I hear it.

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For years, I wouldn’t cry. That was dumb. Crying helps.

The weirdest thing that got me crying recently was seeing an old Sesame Street clip on YouTube of the letters to the word HELP stranded on a deserted island. They didn’t know how to spell “help,” though. They saw a plane fly overhead and hurriedly arranged themselves into PLEH and screamed, “PLEH! PLEH! PLEH!” like banshees. The pilots saw them, but were, like, ” ‘Pleh’? What’s ‘pleh’?” and flew off without stopping. Then the letters all cried piteously.

And that’s when I burst into tears. Of course, they figured it out in short order and got rescued (this was Old School Sesame Street, after all), but that first attempt – SO sad!

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My 401k statement…

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the thought of losing my kids.

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Seeing the faces of children that starve in Africa & other countries.
It breaks my heart. Or when you can really feel the Spirit of God. No much else though..

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Sad songs, Sad movies….ET is a real killer for me! HAHAHAHA! I know, I know it is only a movie. ET Phone Home!!! Also when family or friends die. To see a child that has been physically or mentally abuse! NO Excuse!!...None! Thinking of hungry or a child that yearns for the love of a mom, dad, family but get nothing. I wanna hug those little kids and take all their pain away.

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I cry when no one reads my questions properly on fluther and still answer them.

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My daughter sang a beautiful song at her voice lesson, and I cried my eyes out in the kitchen.

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While surfing the net I came across a reading book for Jewish children published in Warsaw in the early 1930’s and it just cracked me up.

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I cry easily, and almost every day.
Some songs make me cry, and also my bf when he gets angry for no reason. I cry when I’m really angry.

Sometimes I cry for no reason, or because I miss my bf

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