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Do biology majors take botanical illustration class?

Asked by LazyMe10 (515points) August 13th, 2016

Im only curious.
Because Im thinking about doing biology as my back up major if i cant attend the university for the major I want. (Still on the waiting list right now for housing, an I want to take online classes if I can’t get into housing. So another major would be my back up, for majority of the art classes you have to physically be there for them.
Just want my foot in the door still for the university, an I want to try to get into housing in the Spring if I can’t in the Fall.)

Still want to draw and learn, so I was just wondering if biology majors will have a botanical illustration class? For I know some botanists have to do field journals or field guides at time.

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While it sounds useful and a good ideas, I have never heard of that as a requirement for bio majors. I knew a botany major who was so-so at drawing, and a few biology pre- mess that couldn’t draw to save their souls.

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No, this is a rare offering, I think. We had no such course in my university for undergrad, but the university where I went for a Master’s offered one in the summer, as an elective. If it’s important to you, just check the course catalogue for the universities you’re choosing from and see if it’s offered.

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thank you @dappled_leaves and @zenvelo
Found out that with the major I want to do offers Botanical Illustration as a class (the major I got accepted into and waiting for housing on is Studio Art concentrating in Painting and Drawing).
I’m still looking more into Biology though for the university I want to go to. :)

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@LazyMe10 This does not answer your question, but I want to recommend this book. I think you might enjoy it.

John James Audubon dedicated his life to drawing and painting birds. There were no roads or even trains, he traveled the US by foot and boat and carriage to see all the birds and record them in paint.

John James Audubon: The Making of an American

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My goodness. You can easily learn to do that by yourself.

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Never heard of a botanical illustration class.

If you want to be a biology major then you have to start with the basics of core biology. I doubt that you would be allowed to take any botany class without taking core biology.

Also if a botanical illustration class was offered it would most likely be an upper division class requiring prerequisite botany classes.

I’ve got a BA in Zoology (required a few botany classes). I made a lot of detailed drawings of animals and plants. It was very helpful for me in learning. My family and friends told me that I should look into a career in medical illustration. Didn’t sound too promising so I never did.

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