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It's been two weeks, what do you think of the Rio Olympics now?

Asked by zenvelo (35402points) August 19th, 2016

There have been some great moments in Olympic spirit, some incredible performances like Katie Ledeckey and Usain Bolt, and also some lowlights, like Ryan Lochte and Hope Solo’s poor loser lack of sportsmanship. But overall, I have been impressed with Rio 2016 despite the problems of the host city.

What has your impression been?

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Thing are certainly better than I thought they would turn out. Nothing catastophic yet.

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There is so much doping going on behind the scenes, none of it matters.

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Well, between green swimming pools, and body parts being found in the bay during sailing events, I don’t think it has gone smoothly.

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I still think that the Olympics are a gilded turd.

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I am not a sports spectator, so it means very little to me.

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Well, the US has lived up to the world’s expectations of being a bunch of thick-skulled bullies, so…

About the same, really.

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I am just so apathetic about the whole thing. That’s not helped by the fact that one commercial broadcaster owns all the rights to the Olympics here. I pretty much exclusively watch our public broadcaster, and so in the morning when we catch up with the news we get ‘Parts of this broadcast is restricted due to copyright regulations’. Those aren’t the actual words. I can’t remember what the notice says. However, the ABC sports person pretty much says “At the Olympics…” and up comes that sign and that’s all you see for a good few minutes. I’m amazed I haven’t seen more criticism through social media. Anyway, sort of ruins any excitement I might have been able to muster.

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The lack of full coverage of all cycling events was inexcusable.

Yes, we fucking get it, there was swimming.

The drama of the road course cobbles. Who really needs to witness that?


What greater nation have you chosen to live in?

Especially considering that you speak for the entire world.

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Much better than predicted by the news. Just like Sochi was a looming disaster and it worked out OK.

I think it’s because it’s an ad hoc one-time event, nobody knows what the hell they’re doing, but once it starts, everyone does their utmost to make it work.

Once the spotlight is on them, the support people are stepping up and performing at their best, just like the athletes.

Event-planning is an Olympic endeavor, too!

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Just one big show. Certainly doesn’t live up to the old Olympic ideals.

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“The thrill of victory. And the agony of..” the feet.

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Skipped the opening ceremonies, watched some, enjoyed what I watched but too much banter and misc. caca from the announcers, wished they had spent more time on the less popular sports, ignored other stuff, skipped over or changed channels for any awards ceremonies, skipped the closing ceremonies. Waiting for the Winter Olympics.

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